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Reviews for TeleVue 31mm Nagler Type 5

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yellow ring sometimes an issue

By simon packer on October, 17th 2009

This eyepiece succeeds admirably as a deep sky widefield eyepiece. I use it with an 8in sct and it frames most messiers very nicely and they generally look better with the extra room around them than with a 35mm panoptic which I have also tried. Edge coorection is good and vastly superior to a chinese 80deg 30mm I have tried. Centre resolution and sharpness are fine. Used in daylight or with the edge of field positioned over the moon, however, there is an obviois, thick and bright orange-tinted ring at the field edge which is not there on the 35mm panoptic. It disappears if the eye is pushed right in close to the eye lens, back off a little and it comes back. I purchased the N31 with a 2X powermate in part for lunar observing and the colour is always present with this combination on my sct giving just over .5 degree field. Still pleased with it and only a real problem if barlowed and used on along focal length scope on the moon.

Ring Around the Collar

By Kimball Corson on October, 17th 2009

This lens is a work in progress. Used in daylight, one can see a large and thick orange band at the periphery of view which is preclusive of terrestial use because of its annoyance. Al only gets away with it at night and even then the field of view to too large for the brain and eye to accomadate. I sent mine back within 24 hours. If Al solves the ring around the collar problem, the current version might become a boat anchor.

Impossible in the Daytime

By Michael Clemens on October, 17th 2009

I enjoyed this eyepiece at nighttime with a 6 f/8 APO. In the daytime, the entire outer field is bright orange. Ive read some reports of it being insignificant, I have no idea how someone could come to that conclusion, it was bright, orange, and obvious. Id guess the outer field color correction is just as bizarre at night, except that its too dim to pick up on. I never tried it on the moon or Venus off axis. For the cost and the daytime performance, I could never love this eyepiece.