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Michael Clemens Reviews

TeleVue 32mm Plossl

on October, 17th 2009

Great In The Binoviewer

I love panning around with these eyepieces during the day with the binoviewer in my refractor. These are a best buy in astronomy for the money. Ill never sell my pair!

Too close to the Televue 32 in price.

This is an OK performing eyepiece that was one notch less friendly with my eyeglasses than the equal length Televue 32mm plossl. In construction quality however there is no comparison and the Televue 32 is much better built. Unless youre filling out a space in a Meade super plossl collection, I say spend the $10 extra and get the Televue 32 plossl.

Astro-Physics 1.25

on October, 17th 2009


Ive used numerous 2 to 1.25 adapters over the last few years and these are my favorite. Like all of Astro-Physics stuff, these are superbly designed, crafted, finished and anodized. The brass compression ring works very well and doesnt mar your eyepieces like a simple screw. Not sure how they could improve on this product.

Takahashi 2.5

on October, 17th 2009

Gorgeous Perfection

OK, its just an extension tube. How much praise can you heap on it? This part is gorgeous, gorgeous finishes, brass barrel, brass compression ring, nice internal baffle threading for fine reflection control. As far as extension tubes go, this is typical Takahashi quality, superb.

The must have part.

I own the new short version of the FS128, so there is plenty of in-focus. If your tube is the original longer version, be careful this part will work with your in-focus needs. Having said that, I love this part, rotating an entire visual train, binoviewers, barlows, cameras, is sheer pleasure. No more fighting between clamp screws and binoviewer bodies. No more focus adjustments just because you rotate a camera. Superb construction. Top quality.

Another Must Have Part

Since this part was not included with FS scopes (unbelievable), its a MUST purchase, how can you survive without 2 accessories? This part is superbly machined and finished and does its job expertly. I scored it a 9/10 because the setscrews dont feel rock solid (like if youre used to AP clamps), I fear theyll end up in the snow one day.

TeleVue 31mm Nagler Type 5

on October, 17th 2009

Impossible in the Daytime

I enjoyed this eyepiece at nighttime with a 6 f/8 APO. In the daytime, the entire outer field is bright orange. Ive read some reports of it being insignificant, I have no idea how someone could come to that conclusion, it was bright, orange, and obvious. Id guess the outer field color correction is just as bizarre at night, except that its too dim to pick up on. I never tried it on the moon or Venus off axis. For the cost and the daytime performance, I could never love this eyepiece.