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What type of telescope should you buy?
Nomenclature - the typical Dob
What's an f/number? - Fast vs slow
What you can see... and what you WON'T see
The Cost of Amateur Astronomy
Finderscopes, Telrads, etc.
What is "GO-TO"?
Recommendations - GO-TO Systems
Misleading Astronomy
How things REALLY look in the eyepiece
Light Pollution

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   You will almost never hear anyone say that they bought the wrong type of telescope. More often, you will hear someone muse that they bought the wrong size. It is common to wish that you had a bigger telescope. That's why we always recommend that you buy the biggest size aperture (diameter) that you can afford. If that means a good 70mm refractor, (made by a reputable manufacturer) then buy it. You will surely enjoy what you will see with it, which is really quite a bit. The 'ancient' astronomers who pioneered the skies, and those who created the catalogs of countless objects that we view today, employed equipment that was far inferior to any decent 70mm refractor that is currently manufactured.

Drawing © The Belmont Society
  The Basic Choices:
   Although the types and choices of telescopes are not all that abundant, there are enough different versions and brands available to perhaps confuse the issue. Of course it helps if a friend has a particular type that you've had a chance to use. Basically, there are four types of telescopes to look for. Click on a picture below to learn about each type of telescope: