Reviews for TeleVue 31mm Nagler Type 5

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31 Nagler

By Darren Drake on October, 16th 2009

Just got it and I love it! Extremely well corrected at edge when used with a paracorr on a fast newtonian but at the expense of some pincushion distortion. Eye relief is slightly less than 22 Nagler but can just barely be used with glasses. It is far and away the best in it`s class with the possible exception of the $1500 Leitz. May require rebalancing your scope. If any eyepiece is worth $600, this is the one.

Remarkable eyepiece!

By Albert Bellg on October, 16th 2009

A truly extraordinary eyepiece, definitely worth the price. Excellent sharpness and contrast, comfortable eye relief without glasses. Maintains sharpness nearly to edge in an f5.4 reflector and is even better in an f6.6 refractor. Its big and heavy and will probably require you to rebalance your scope, but those are minor problems. The views with this eyepiece remind you why you got into astronomy!

Love it

By Eric Claussen on October, 16th 2009

I think its great in every way. The orange ring the guy above mentioned can appear if you dont have youre eye at the right place, but if youre face is touching the eyegaurd it shouldnt be a problem. I was amazed when I first got mine, I had never looked through one before.

Great Optically but ..............

By Daniel Bush on October, 16th 2009

Great views but sold it in favor of the 35mm Panoptic instead. It was unconfortable for me to use. No nose room. Could not look straight into it and had to hold my head looking off to the side. Also too heavy/cumbersome for most of my equipment plus would have had to purchase a new Paracorr (Visual to correct for vignetting) for use with my 16 f/4.5. My rating above is for optical quality which is first rate. I just had too many other issues with it to keep it.

Size Does Matter.....

By Gregory Yim on October, 16th 2009

Whats with all the Al Nagler bashing? This is definitely a super premuim eyepiece! Sure it looks like the business end of an RPG, but I personally was blown away by the view. I own the 31 Nagler as well as the 35 Panoptic and have used them both in my 25 f/5 Obsession, but I really like the view through the 31mm. I use a visual paracorr with both eyepieces and stars are pin-point to the edge. I have not noticed any orange ring on the periphery of the 31mm over several nights of viewing. Other observers who were present did not detect this discoloration either. The eyepiece size and weight are not objectionable on a large Dobsonian. The 31mm Nagler with the Paracorr balance perfectly on my 25 scope. As far as low power wide field views, the Nagler 31mm wins hands down. There is nothing finer than viewing the Veil Nebula through the 31 Nagler, a Paracorr, and a Televue OIII filter through a big Dob! Eye relief is fine, head position is not critical, and I am thrilled by the port-hole effect. Check out Ed Tings review on this eyepiece. He gives it high praise indeed. It doesnt get any better than this! Sorry fellas, but bigger is better! Do I detect a hint of eyepiece envy or just plain penny pinching miserliness?

No Yellow Here!!

By David Hawkins on October, 16th 2009

This is a nice eyepiece. Contrast and edge of field sharpness are as they are advertised to be. I could not detect any yellowing around the edges like other owners have. Optically perfect to me. I was using it with a 12 LX200 UHTC. Maybe the others got early production units that had a few bugs in them, but mine is a 10.

Great eyepiece

By Lauren Hoen on October, 16th 2009

No color as mentioned above, mine is clear and bright. Great FOV and no balance problems on my SCT. Is it big - duh! Of course. Do you complain about gas prices if you buy a Hummer? Do you tow a boat with your Beetle? You dont get an eyepice this big if you cant afford or handle it. One of my favorites.

finest eyepiece

By stephen scaravella on October, 16th 2009

I just recently used this eyepiece at a very dark site with my 11-inch SCT.THOUGH I have many eyepieces i just used the 31mm all night,The views were astounding!!WITHOUT EQUAL

My favorite ep.

By Mark Deifik on October, 16th 2009

This is by far my most favorite ep. On an AP130 it provides captivating views and is truly awesome. I was blown away looking at the Andromeda Galaxy. It is definitely a keeper.

My favorite ep.

By Mark Deifik on October, 16th 2009

This is by far my most favorite ep. On an AP130 it provides captivating views and is truly awesome. I was blown away looking at the Andromeda Galaxy. It is definitely a keeper.

Captivating views!

By Richard Lipow on October, 16th 2009

Mounted on a TV102 this eyepiece delivers breathtaking wide porthole type views. Pinpoint star images, great detail in M42 low on the winter horizon (low humidity)..could see the four (possibly six) stars in the trapizium.


By ANJAL SHARMA on October, 16th 2009

This is one of the most immersive eyepieces Ive used. It truly gets out of the way and disappears, and you feel like youre floating in space. In a very fast scope (f/4 dob) it does display some edge abberations but only in the outermost 15% of the FOV and its not obtrusive or annoying. There is minor lateral color. Biggest issue for me was blackout, and to a much lower extent, some kidneybeaning, but these were very very minor. Stars are sharp, and I mean SHARP pinpoints. Havent used it in the daytime so I cant comment on its performance there. Yes, its BIG, yes its HEAVY and yes, you could call it a GLASS GRENADE, but its an awesome performer under the stars. If you can afford it, get it...youll be glad you did.

The Grand Daddy of Naglers!!!

By James A. Edwards on October, 16th 2009

First off, I have owned 3 of these eyepieces. For 1 reason or another, they were sold only to be replaced by another 31 as soon as I could manage. I have also looked through 2 other 31mm Naglers, and if you own no other eyepiece, this is the 10+ Lens to Own!!! As I have written numerious equipment reviews here (and my articles on astromart), every single scope Ive owned (23 in the past 5 years), not once was I disappointed with using this eyepiece. In fact, more so then the TV Panoptics or some of the great Ultra Wide Angle Meades, I can say without question, this is the Grand Daddy of Naglers!!! Whether you enjoy planetary viewing or super faint objects such as debula, Star Clusters or 10+ mag Galaxies, the 31 will give you that space walk feeling in space, a must have piece for your Collection!!! Clear skies, James Edwards Elk Grove CA