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TeleVue 31mm Nagler Type 5

on October, 17th 2009

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yellow ring sometimes an issue

This eyepiece succeeds admirably as a deep sky widefield eyepiece. I use it with an 8in sct and it frames most messiers very nicely and they generally look better with the extra room around them than with a 35mm panoptic which I have also tried. Edge coorection is good and vastly superior to a chinese 80deg 30mm I have tried. Centre resolution and sharpness are fine. Used in daylight or with the edge of field positioned over the moon, however, there is an obviois, thick and bright orange-tinted ring at the field edge which is not there on the 35mm panoptic. It disappears if the eye is pushed right in close to the eye lens, back off a little and it comes back. I purchased the N31 with a 2X powermate in part for lunar observing and the colour is always present with this combination on my sct giving just over .5 degree field. Still pleased with it and only a real problem if barlowed and used on along focal length scope on the moon.