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Gregory Yim Reviews

TeleVue 31mm Nagler Type 5

on October, 17th 2009

Size Does Matter.....

Whats with all the Al Nagler bashing? This is definitely a super premuim eyepiece! Sure it looks like the business end of an RPG, but I personally was blown away by the view. I own the 31 Nagler as well as the 35 Panoptic and have used them both in my 25 f/5 Obsession, but I really like the view through the 31mm. I use a visual paracorr with both eyepieces and stars are pin-point to the edge. I have not noticed any orange ring on the periphery of the 31mm over several nights of viewing. Other observers who were present did not detect this discoloration either. The eyepiece size and weight are not objectionable on a large Dobsonian. The 31mm Nagler with the Paracorr balance perfectly on my 25 scope. As far as low power wide field views, the Nagler 31mm wins hands down. There is nothing finer than viewing the Veil Nebula through the 31 Nagler, a Paracorr, and a Televue OIII filter through a big Dob! Eye relief is fine, head position is not critical, and I am thrilled by the port-hole effect. Check out Ed Tings review on this eyepiece. He gives it high praise indeed. It doesnt get any better than this! Sorry fellas, but bigger is better! Do I detect a hint of eyepiece envy or just plain penny pinching miserliness?