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Reviews for TeleVue TV-60 APO Refractor

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Televue 60mm APO Telescope

By Delores Chabane on October, 17th 2009

What can I say about this beautiful 60mm apo telescope other than it is of the highest quality optically as well as mechanically. It truely blows away the pronto optically as I had one. It was a nice scope but the televue 60mm apo is LIGHT-YEARS ahead optically, period. Love everything about it from its great fast focusing to its pull out dew shield. Televue just could not have done better. Astronomical viewing is SUPERB!! From lower power to very high power it is truely a winner! Thanks Televue for a great little 60mm apo scope. You have to have one!!

Excellent, as advertised

By Ivan Ong on October, 17th 2009

Despite its diminutive appearance, the TV60mmAPO lives up to its claims. Really easy to use, no vices. Optics are impressively tack sharp, Rigel a clean and very easy split with no effort. Fantastic widefield scope, you get all 3 stars of Orions belt. What other scope will fit under your car seat or in your brief case? I would pair this with a Bogen 410 on a Bogen Magfiber tripod for ultimate light weight portability. Get the video mounting shoe which has an extra stud to mount more securely. Complaints? No place to attach a finder. I recommend this scope unreservedly.

Amazing performance for its size

By Jonathan Usher on October, 17th 2009

I recently purchased a TV-60, having read many good reviews praising its optical performance and portability. Having now used it for several observing sessions both at night and during the day I am astonished at the images this tiny scope provides. Last night I clearly saw Ios shadow transiting Jupiter at 120x and at 180x (which is beyond what many would say is reasonable magnification for a 60mm scope, yet somehow the TV-60 copes, without image breakdown). The combination of size, weight and superb optics leads me to use this telescope a LOT. Highly recommended (assuming you arent looking for a light bucket, of course!).

wow! Small Aperture Fever strikes!

By victor bradford on October, 17th 2009

-Another five star vote. Ive used this scope for a couple of its intended purposes -- backpacking and lightweight air travel -- where portability is at a premium, and the views with this scope are often worth the few extra pounds for a once-in-a-lifetime trip. This is so much better than lesser refractors or binos. Wish I had had it on many previous trips. Views at all intended powers are superb. Its also a great grab and go for the house. My next plan is a carbon fiber tripod.

Binoviewing with the TV-60

By Paul Goodwin on October, 17th 2009

Ive read several reviews that say that you cant use a TeleVue binoviewer with this scope. Not true: Ive used one with the scope on the brighter objects, e.g., Jupiter, the moon, etc. - with very nice results. Also, try looking at the moon with a 50x eyepiece - just before dark, when the moon is surrounded by the blue sky. Craters tack sharp. Beautiful image. This is my second TV-60. I missed the first one after I sold it. A great birding scope - and an great grab-and-go on those iffy nights, when you dont want to lug your big scope out.