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Paul Goodwin Reviews

TeleVue TV-60 APO Refractor

on October, 17th 2009

Binoviewing with the TV-60

Ive read several reviews that say that you cant use a TeleVue binoviewer with this scope. Not true: Ive used one with the scope on the brighter objects, e.g., Jupiter, the moon, etc. - with very nice results. Also, try looking at the moon with a 50x eyepiece - just before dark, when the moon is surrounded by the blue sky. Craters tack sharp. Beautiful image. This is my second TV-60. I missed the first one after I sold it. A great birding scope - and an great grab-and-go on those iffy nights, when you dont want to lug your big scope out.

TeleVue 13mm ETHOS Eyepiece

on October, 17th 2009

13mm Ethos eyepiece - superb

My new 13mm and 8mm Ethos eyepieces were a Big Hit at our clubs last public star party (I used them with my new TV-85 and PortaMount). I had to wrestle them away from other astronomers who wanted to borrow them to look through. Wows and Thats beautiful pierced the nighttime air. The cost of the Ethos bewildered several - but, to a man they loved them. Me, too. Cant wait to get my new 6mm Ethos (in February?). I decided to wait to pre-order the 17mm...(dont need it with the TV-85 and my current Nagler eyepieces)