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Reviews for TeleVue 5mm Nagler Type 6

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A Good Ocular

By Kimball Corson on October, 17th 2009

If interested, see my review of the TV 7mm Type 6.

Top quality but not worth almost twice 4.8mm price

By Robert M. Dalton on October, 17th 2009

I purchased this eyepiece for use in a TV Ranger. Made the purchase based on info posted on various equipment review web sites that state that Type 6 definitely big step up from older 4.8mm design. I recently had a chance to compare the two eyepieces through the Ranger and a TV 85. I didnt see a significant difference.

Great if you like the type-6

By Brian Carter on October, 17th 2009

I have a 13mm, 7mm, and 5mm type six, and I love them all. the 5 mm is such a great improvement over the 4.8 (too uncomfortable). I use it on my 10 f/5.6 dob. Great views of saturn lately, not quite as good as UO HD orthos, which I use to compare everything. Sharp all the way out. Some off axis lateral color, but not as bad as the 13mm. GREAT light transmission i have to say, I clearly could pull out 14.0mag hyperion near saturn from my suburban home. When I can get out to a dark site, this EP pays for itself on Globular clusters, which is what I bought it for.