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Brian Carter Reviews

TeleVue 5mm Nagler Type 6

on October, 17th 2009

Great if you like the type-6

I have a 13mm, 7mm, and 5mm type six, and I love them all. the 5 mm is such a great improvement over the 4.8 (too uncomfortable). I use it on my 10 f/5.6 dob. Great views of saturn lately, not quite as good as UO HD orthos, which I use to compare everything. Sharp all the way out. Some off axis lateral color, but not as bad as the 13mm. GREAT light transmission i have to say, I clearly could pull out 14.0mag hyperion near saturn from my suburban home. When I can get out to a dark site, this EP pays for itself on Globular clusters, which is what I bought it for.