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TeleVue 24mm Panoptic

5.0 out of 5 stars
10 customer reviews

24mm Panoptic

This Panoptic is designed to produce the largest true field possible in a 1-1/4” eyepiece. (Its 27mm field stop is the same as the 32mm Tele Vue Plössl).

The higher power darkens the sky background while the greater magnification yields more details on extended objects. Further, its light weight (1/2 lb.) and tapered top instantly make the 24mm Panoptic the ideal eyepiece for getting the maximum field for binocular viewers.

The 24 Panoptic has all the features you would expect from Tele Vue: a comfortable 15mm eye relief, full multicoating, full field sharpness for any speed telescope, parfocal with most Tele Vue 1-1/4” eyepieces, filter threads, grip ring, fold down eyeguard, and safety undercuts.

Customers Reviews

Total 10 reviews
5.0 out of 5 stars

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Faithful Friend

By Michael McNeely on October, 17th 2009

If TeleVue eyepieces have personalities (they do), then the 24mm Panoptic is that of a steadfast and dependable friend. Along with the 7mm Nagler, the 24 Pan is my favorite TV eyepiece. The 24 Pan resembles a scaled-down version of the 2-in format 35 Panoptic, yet it has many advantages when compared to its older sibling. Being a 1.25-in eyepiece, the 24 Pan is more inviting to use. It is lightweight, and using the 24 Pan doesn’t require rebalancing your scope. This is a versatile eyepiece. It combines the big views of the 35 Pan with the convenient 1.25-in format. The 24 Pan is as comfortable to look through as the 35 Pan, but it is still very pleasant to use. The 24 Pan provides wide views of deep sky objects and their surrounding environments. Star images are pinpoint-sharp across the field and without false color. The 24 Pan, with its 68-deg apparent field, provides the same true field as a 32mm Plossl (50-degree app field) yet at a higher magnification. The view through a 50-deg field eyepiece resembles a discrete circle surrounded by darkness. With the Panoptic, this circular field appears stretched and surrounds your vision. The effect is like staring into a partial hemisphere of stars. Observing with the 24 Pan is a more immersive experience. The 24 Pan seems primarily for deep sky observing. I notice that, when pointed toward the moon or a bright patch of sky, that dust on the eye lens appears as distinct shadows in the field. This effect is absent with dark sky viewing. The TV 32 Plossl does not behave like this, and I would prefer it to the 24 Panoptic for viewing, for example, a bright crescent moon and surrounding field. If you are looking for a deep sky eyepiece that provides immersive views, comfortable eye relief, and greater convenience than 2-in eyepieces, then I recommend the 24 Pan. It will be your faithful observing friend, along with a thermos of coffee and the family dog.

A new standard for binoviewing

By Doug Culbertson on October, 17th 2009

All I can say is Oh WOW! This is truly an amazing eyepiece in a binoviewer. Expansive field of view that, in a binoviewer, nearly replicates that of a lone Nagler. Perfect eye relief and excellent contrast. I would actually give this a 9.5 if that were an option (9 would be too low), as there is some pincushion effect, most noticable when sweeping the sky. This is destined to become *the* binoviwing eyepiece to have for low power binoviewing on deep sky objects.


By John Clark on October, 17th 2009

I use this EP with a Meade SCT, views are stunning. One of my best EPS. Glad I purchased it.


By John Clark on October, 17th 2009

I use this EP with a Meade SCT, views are stunning. One of my best EPS. Glad I purchased it.

24 Pan

By clyde crewey on October, 17th 2009

My new favorite eyepiece. I havent yet used this is a binoviewer, but its sharpness and contrast are exceptional in my 6 f/8 Dob and my TV85. I have had absolutely no problems with pin cushioning. Its also a fabulous daytime eyepiece in the refractor. Absolutely sharp to the very edge.

NOW I am impressed

By Michael Hosea on October, 17th 2009

Ive owned several dozen 1.25 eyepieces in the 20mm-30mm range of focal lengths, and nothing has impressed me in my 10 f/5 Newt without Paracorr until this eyepiece. Excellent sharpness across the field with just a slight loss of sharpness at the edges (remember, Im not using a Paracorr at f/5), comfortable eye relief, easy to hold exit pupil, great contrast. I had written off this focal length for my suburban skies, but this eyepiece changed that thinking in an instant.

Best binoviewer pair you could own

By Tom Hole on October, 17th 2009

No question, if you could own one pair of eps for binoviewing, the 24 Pan should be that pair. Lightweight, comfortable and typically perfect Panoptic performance. Plus the widest TFOV you can get in the 1.25 format. Most highly recommeded.

Almost perfect

By Michael Russell on October, 17th 2009

If the eye relief was 2 or 3mm longer, itd be a 10. Sharp to the edge in a TV85 and C-8, and provides the maximum field for a 1.25 format in an eyepiece thats much smaller and lighter than the Pentax XL or XW - but for use with glasses, its frustrating. If you dont observe with glasses, or dont mind not seeing to the field stop (unless you move your eye around), give it a 10. After trying both, I went with the Pentax XW 20 for monocular and binoviewing use - despite the softer edge performance, I find it so much more comfortable to use than the Pan 24 that its the compromise I preferred. Note to the advisors on the Equipment forum: you were right.

Good eye relief with a wide field of view

By Bruce Weaver on October, 17th 2009

Excellent visibility to the edge. I can take in the entire field of view just as my eyes approach the eyecup which is much better eye relief than the 16mm Nagler offers. Im glad I held out for this one. M24 under dark skies is really impressive through this eyepiece.

Perfect addition.

By Steven McInnes on October, 17th 2009

This eyepiece was a perfect addition to my collection. already having the 35mm Panoptic and the 16mm Nagler. The Scope is a 10 Meade SMT. The views are amazing.

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