Bruce Weaver Reviews

TeleVue 24mm Panoptic

on October, 16th 2009

Good eye relief with a wide field of view

Excellent visibility to the edge. I can take in the entire field of view just as my eyes approach the eyecup which is much better eye relief than the 16mm Nagler offers. Im glad I held out for this one. M24 under dark skies is really impressive through this eyepiece.

WOW!! What a difference!!

I upgraded from my standard Celestron diagonal and was truly shocked at the difference! Even under my hazy surburban skies there was an immediate quantum leap in clarity of image. Under the dark skies of WV I saw detail in M51 and M8 Id never seen before with the usual diagonal in my Nexstar 8. In stereo systems, the speaker is considered the weakest link so upgrading them gives you great value. It seems to me that upgrading ones diagonal to this level accomplishes the same end result for ones telescopic views. I am impressed!!