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Michael Russell Reviews

TeleVue 24mm Panoptic

on October, 17th 2009

Almost perfect

If the eye relief was 2 or 3mm longer, itd be a 10. Sharp to the edge in a TV85 and C-8, and provides the maximum field for a 1.25 format in an eyepiece thats much smaller and lighter than the Pentax XL or XW - but for use with glasses, its frustrating. If you dont observe with glasses, or dont mind not seeing to the field stop (unless you move your eye around), give it a 10. After trying both, I went with the Pentax XW 20 for monocular and binoviewing use - despite the softer edge performance, I find it so much more comfortable to use than the Pan 24 that its the compromise I preferred. Note to the advisors on the Equipment forum: you were right.

TeleVue 35mm Panoptic

on October, 17th 2009


Day or night, the Pan 35 provides wonderful views - excellent sharpness on axis and very good sharpness at the edge in a TV85, C-8 and Telekit 12.5 f/6. By very good I mean that if you follow a star across the field, you will see less sharpness at the edge of field - but for most purposes, youd call it sharp to the edge. Eye relief is plenty for use with glasses. There is some pincushion distortion thats most noticeable in daylight, particularly when straight lines are at the edge of field, but for birding or astronomy, I dont find it objectionable.