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Outstanding ED refractor at a terrific price.

By James Schwartz on December, 11th 2017

As soon as I saw the announcement of a sale for Sky-Watcher telescopes in the December Sky and Telescope magazine I called the very knowledgeable Gary Pierson at Anacortes to get on the list for their 100 Pro ED refractor. Having read a number of favorable reviews of this scope I had been ready to buy one at the regular price of $769 and definitely couldn't pass up the $649 sale price. Gary worked his usual magic and, despite the very limited supply of the 100Pro ED, I found one at my door in just a few weeks. Not only did the box have the tube assembly, but the scope comes with a sturdy aluminum case, tube rings and vixen dovetail, a nice 90 degree finder, 2 inch dialectric diagonal and two better than average eyepieces.Of course, the scope would not be a bargain unless it performed well. I have used it three or four time under clear (but light polluted) suburban Florida skies with fair to good seeing conditions. First I performed several star tests with high power on three stars with different brightness. All of the tests showed textbook Airy rings which are just as the amateur websites show that they should look in a well corrected apo refractor. With regard to false color, it was pretty much absent except when the limb of the Moon got to the very edge of the field of view. The same with bright stars--no color until they were about to go out of view at which point a slight purplish halo appeared. Anything viewed in the main 90 percent of the field had no color that I could see even the limb of the Moon. Lunar craters and mountains had black shadow edges with excellent sharp features having no false color.I was particularly pleased with the contrast this scope produced even in my horribly light polluted gray looking skies. In the scope the sky looked almost black with beautiful, bright stars sprinkled across the field (way better than even my old 8 inch reflector). Star clusters just popped out of the background and star colors, especially reds, were intense.Mechanically the scope is solid, but not too heavy. The focuser is well made, though it needed some adjustments to give it a smooth, non-slip feel. Not a Moonlite or Feather Touch but more than adequate.