Reviews for Takahashi FSQ-106EDX4 f/5.0 Quadruplet Imaging Refractor OTA

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Simply amazing

By RHETT HERRING on November, 24th 2018

This scope far exceeded my expectations. Ordering was easy. I called and made the order along with several other parts I needed. Item was shipped and in my hands within days... I have added this to my 10micron mount and its like a match made in heaven. I'm not using any reducers at the moment or extenders but I have replaced the stock focuser with a Moonlight Nightcrawler and I could not be happier. This is by far the best refactor I've owned. I do probably 95% imaging and occasionally do observing with the little ones. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting a fast refactor for imaging.

Ready for imaging! Not so fast...

By William Jordan on September, 1st 2016 *** verified purchase ***

So, let me first start off in expressing my frustration by saying I knew next to nothing before purchasing this scope. I spoke at length with the personnel at Anacortes about what would be needed for visual observing, and more importantly, photographic use in an effort to make sure I got everything I needed in one order so I could get going quickly.Whoa, was I mistaken.First, there was a missing part that Anacortes had assumed was included with the scope, but LSSTNR stated was not. This is the one listed as "8A" on the imaging train diagram. Part number TKP86003 (good luck googling that and coming up with anyone who sells it). After several phone calls and unanswered emails, I was able to finally get a hold of the person that sold me the scope and explained my situation. He contacted LSSNTR and they discovered the discrepancy. In their defense, they sent me the part free of charge without any headaches. It was just a colossal letdown to drop a significant amount of money on a scope and "all the needed accessories to get started immediately" only to have it arrive missing the pieces needed to hook up both a camera and an eyepiece. Made for a really nice addition to the dining room for the weekend.So, once I got the part in and was able to at least connect an eyepiece, I was very satisfied. Given a grossly light polluted area (suburbs of Houston), I first took to the planets and was satisfied with their resolution and clarity with the extender and Televue powermate. However, when I attempted to connect the camera (Canon 70D DSLR), I found it would not come in to focus.The imaging train as listed on the Takahashi system chart with this "ready to image right out of the box!" scope consisting of the Scope, parts 82, 6A, 81S, 8A, 33, and 34 (the camera), simply does not focus. More back travel is needed.After a lenghty discussion with a very nice gentleman at LSSTNR, we've determined that I'm missing yet another adapter needed to get the right spacing. (What I think is the 81S part must not be the right 81S part - keep in mind that not a single one of these pieces has any markings on them to denote size or part number). He's making arrangements to have it delivered right away. Exceptional service on his part and he was immensely helpful, and he explained all of the frustration on their end as the distributor when it comes to what comes with the scope versus what needs to be purchased after-the-fact. He told me he'd put out a bulletin to the retailers in an attempt get everyone on the same page of music.TL;DR: The scope as purchased here stops at the part marked "6A" on the imaging train. This is not yet common knowledge among the retailers, but the distributors are making an effort to get the word out. Make sure you recognize this and identify which adapters you'll need for use. These adapters, however, are not for sale from the retailers. As far as I know, you must go straight to LSSTRN directly for them. They'll sell you an "imaging kit" that contains all of the required pieces for the low, low price of $249.