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Reviews for TeleVue 41mm Panoptic

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A must have for deep sky viewing

By James A. Edwards on October, 16th 2009

I use primarily TV naglers, ranging from the 9 type 6 up to the 31 and all the Meade UWA & WA pieces but I decided to try another low powered eyepice the TV 41 panoptic. From my first look using the 41 from my TOA-130 I was hooked...The eye relief was outstanding and the pin point optic accuracy looking throughout many star systems, deep sky nebula was simply a pleasure. The 41 panoptic has exceptional optics to the outer fov and for anyone looking for a low power eyepiece this is a must have in your collection!

Best 2 inch eyepiece

By Daniel Lafaive on October, 16th 2009

I have used this eyepiece on my Celestron 9.25 for several months and the views it gives are spectacular! It really brings out the beauty of large objects like M31. I can see M31 and its companions in the field. Also makes visible large swaths of the Veil nebula. The only concern that some may find with this eyepiece is that on a large f-stop scope, the field may seem a bit concave, but I havent found that to be a noticeable problem.