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Reviews for TeleVue 7mm Nagler Type 6

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Peas in a Pod: really 9.5 for all Three

By Kimball Corson on October, 17th 2009

The new 9mm, 7,, and 5mm naglers are peas in a pod. Light, compact, contrasty, sharp, but with minimal eye relief you can think is just right (if you dont wear eyeglasses or have long greasy eyelashes) or too little (if you do).

Further Use Comments

By Kimball Corson on October, 17th 2009

The 7mm is a 10, the 9mm is closer to an 8.5 and the 5mm is a 9 minus. The clear winner here is the 7mm. I wound up not liking the 9mm. The 5 is O.K., but I eventually went to a Pentax 5.2 XL instead and liked it better.

My favorite planetary EP

By Art Fritzson on October, 17th 2009

With my 12 f/4.9 dob, this generates a whopping 214x - which I thought would have limited usefullness in my usually poor seeing area. To my surprise, this has become my most often used eyepiece - its sharp, edge to edge, contrasty, and gives me plenty of time between nudging. I give it a 9 because the relatively short eye relief does cause some kidney beaning if youre not careful about eye placement, but otherwise its perfect.

7th Heaven

By Michael McNeely on October, 17th 2009

I own the Type 1 version of this eyepiece, and it was the first Nagler that I purchased. At the time, I wanted it as a high-power eyepiece for my Celestron 8 and as a medium power eyepiece for my TeleVue Pronto. This eyepiece is incredibly sharp and provides an immersive viewing experience. The Nagler 7 has 10mm of eye relief (12mm for Type 6) which is a bit short, but I still fine the eyepiece to be comfortable to use. The eyepiece has a heft and feeling of quality I have many fond memories of using this eyepiece. In my Pronto, I used if for close-up views of deep sky objects, and for low-power views of planets. At 69x, planetary disks start to become apparent with this scope and eyepiece. In my TeleVue-85, the Nagler 7 still works in this capacity providing 86x and a 1-degree field. The 7mm Nagler is my favorite TeleVue eyepiece and is one that I nearly always use when observing. I’m confident that the Type 6 version of this eyepiece can only be better. Highly recommended.