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Reviews for Takahashi LE 18mm Long Eye Relief Eyepiece

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Fine eyepiece

By Albert Bellg on October, 17th 2009

Like the 12.5mm, has excellent on-axis sharpness and superb contrast. In an f5.4 reflector and f6.6 refractor, edge sharpness was not as good as a similar focal length Celestron Ultima. Edge sharpness is not a problem, I hear, in longer f-ratio scopes.

Versatility...Listen up PST owners!

By Augustus B Wright III on October, 17th 2009

EP is typical Tak quality; eye relief seems adequate to me (and though I wear glasses I usually view without them on). What stands out to me is the contrast: first light was solar, and on a Coronado PST of all things. When I recently recieved my PST (which comes with a 12mm Kellner) I was a little disappointed with the apparent contrast on surface granulation and markings on sunspots when using Coronados stock EP. I switched to a 12mmT4 Nagler, and not much improvement. Frustrated! I had recently received the Tak 18 as part of a FS102NSV/EM200T2 package, so I thought lets give it a go. Well, the Tak EP made it a whole new ball game. Surface granulation popped into stark relief, even prominences had more depth and detail. Switched over to various other Plössl, Pentax, Meade and TV EPs, then back to the Tak 18: simply no contest. All of the granulation starkly apparent in the Tak faded to obscurity when using every other EP I own! I guess TNR/Tak include this EP as a general purpose unit (and with good reason, for it provides excellent contrast and sharpness), but I wont take out my PST without this EP in the barrel.

Smashing eyepiece

By Vance Bagwell on October, 17th 2009

I borrowed a friends 18 LE at the Eldorado Star Party last year for use with my FSQ. Lets just say I hated to give it back to him. Its on my wish list.

Another Great LE

By James A. Edwards on October, 17th 2009

Please see my reviews on the other Takahashi LEs, this is another great LE, they dont get any better this this!!! James Edwards Elk Grove CA

Wow, amazing eyepiece

By Tim Finch on October, 17th 2009

Sharp to the edge and what contrast, oh my! The long eye relief is a nice plus. Eye positioning is not critical, making this a very comfortable eyepiece to use. I definately plan on buying a few more LEs. You wont be disappointed.