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JMI Telescopes is a unique manufacturer of astronomical telescopes and a vast array of after-market accessories.  They create products that no one else has in the astronomy industry.  JMI Telescope has the reputation for quality and aftermarket service.

JMI telescopes developed the New Technology telescopes that is an altitude-azimuth Newtonian with folded optic and Go-To electronics.  They have also developed the Next Generation Telescope (NGT).  The Next Generation Telescope is an extraordinaire designed equatorial Newtonian.   They are available in to two different aperture sizes.  The JMI NGT-12.5 Newtonian is 12.5-inch f/4.5 and the JMI NGT-18 Newtonian is 18-inch f/4.5. Another type of telescope that JMI produces is the Reverse Binocular Telescope.  This type of telescope allows one to look down into the eyepiece to see what is in the sky behind them. 

Other unique products that have been developed by JMI Telescope are the MOTOFOCUS, and the MOTODEC. The MOTOFOCUS is a battery operated hand control with an electric focus motor that attaches to the shaft of a focuser knob for precise, vibration-free focusing without the need to touch the telescope.  And the MOTODEC is a battery operated hand control with an electric declination motor providing vibration-free, direct-drive declination adjustments necessary for visual and photographic use.

JMI Telescopes’ carrying cases are popular among the astronomy enthusiasts.  JMI manufactures carrying cases for tripods, small telescope, refractors and other telescope accessories.  They even produce counterweight caddies.

There are many other astronomy accessories that JMI Telescope produces.  All of them are manufactured with quality and with their  customers in mind.