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Vixen Telescope SXD2 Mount PFL

The Next Level of Performance.

The SXD2 equatorial mount PFL is a high precision, sturdy mount. The cutting edge STAR BOOK TEN controller features a high definition color LCD screen with intuitive operations to ensure comfortable and accurate observing.

  • Pulse motors and micro-step motion control system.

    The heart of the SXD2 is the precision pluse motors. These highly responsive motors use a micro-step motion control system to deliver powerful yet silky smooth drive controls in both fine motion and quick slewing.

  • Smooth R.A and Dec motion.

    Bearings are used in the R.A and Dec axies and the rotating shafts of the worm gears. This reduces the load on the motors and ensures smooth rotation. No reduction gears on the motor shaft eliminates the presence of backlash.

  • STAR BOOK TEN star chart go-to navigation controller.

    The SXD2 equatorial mount PFL comes with STAR BOOK TEN which features intuitive 'Star-Chart Go-To' system with high definition color LCD display. The position of the telescope, the target and other useful information are displayed on the screen in detail. The night vision feature illuminates the whole screen in red, if applied, and will limit the brightness to the observer's eyes.

  • Cross over meridian function.

    The function of "cross over meridian" allows you to change a timing of the reverse motion of the optical tube when your target celestial object is approaching to the culmination.

  • Advance Unit

    With the optional Advance Unit installed, the STAR BOOK TEN combined with a ccd video camera works as an advanced autoguider. On the screen you can view an image from a ccd video camera, record to or play back from a SD/SDHC memory card, and adjust the shutter exposure controls of a DSLR camera. It is highly recommended for any stargazing enthusiast from entry-level to expert.

SXD2 equatorial mount PFL

  • R.A. slow motion
    Worm and wheel gears with 180-tooth whole circle micro movement, 72mm in diameter, mode of brass
  • DEC slow motion
    Worm and wheel gears with 180-tooth whole circle micro movement, 72mm in diameter, mode of brass
  • Worm shaft gear
    9mm in diameter, made of brass
  • R.A. axis
    40mm in diameter, made of carbon steel
  • DEC axis
    35mm in diameter, made of carbon steel
  • Counterweight bar
    20mm in diameter, retractable, made of stainless steel
  • Number of bearings
    9 pieces
  • R.A. display
    On-screen the STAR BOOK, 0.1 minute increments
  • DEC display
    On-screen the STAR BOOK, 0.1 minute arc increments
  • Polar axis scope
    (Preinstalled) 6×20mm, Field of view 8 degrees, 3-star alignment system, Variable illuminated reticle with auto turn-off, Brightness adjustable in 8 steps, Dark field illumination, Setting accuracy within 3 arc minutes
  • Altitude adjustment
    Latitude adjustable between 0 degree and 70 degrees (divided in 3 zones and adjustable +/- 15 degrees per zone, for high, middle and low latitudes), latitude scale in 2 degrees increments, Fine adjustments with a tangent screw knob about 0.8 degrees per rotation
  • Azimuth adjustment
    Fine adjustments with twin screw knobs about 1.2 degrees per rotation, adjustable range about +/- 7degrees
  • Motor drive
    Pulse motors with micro-step motion control (250 pps)
  • Star Chart Go-To
    Automatic Go-To slewing with STAR BOOK TEN, 1000× of sidereal rate at maximum slewing speed
  • Photographic loading weight
    15kg / 33 lb (Maximum torque load : 375kg -cm at a point of 25cm from the place where th RA and DEC axes cross.)
  • Power port
    DC 12V EIAJ RC5320A Class4
  • Power supply
    Comes Cigarette-lighter pulg cord (center puls polarity) as standard accessory
  • Working voltage
    DC 12V
  • Electricity consumption
    0.45A to 2.5A
  • Size
    360mm × 343mm × 128mm
  • Weight
    9.2Kg / 20.3 lb (without counterweight)
  • Counterweights
    1.9Kg × 1, 3.7kg × 1 / 4.2 lb × 1, 8.15 lb × 1

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