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Reviews for TeleVue 35mm Panoptic

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Great wide view EP

By David Hahn on October, 17th 2009

After getting used to the long eye relief with my glasses on I relized that this is probably my favorite EP. In my ZS 80 it gave me a ~16x view which was just so amazing. I would advise picking up the astigmatism if you dont like wearing glasses. I keep mine on my 19mm Pan, and just wear glasses with this. Great EP overall!

Holy Hand Grenade!

By Michael McNeely on October, 17th 2009

This 2-inch “hand grenade” eyepiece is a superb low power performer. In a TeleVue-76 mm refractor, the 35 Panoptic delivers 14x and a 5-degree field. It is a lot of fun to sweep large star fields with this setup. You can see the entire Belt of Orion in the same eyepiece field. This is the perfect eyepiece for viewing the Trifid and Lagoon together in the same field, or the entire Andromeda Galaxy as a cigar-shaped glowing cloud. When observing, I tend to rest my eye on the edge of the field and peer over. The eyepiece provides a bright, wide window on space. The 35 Panoptic is the most comfortable eyepiece that I have ever used. There are no eye relief issues with this eyepiece (I don’t wear glasses). Stars are sharp from edge-to-edge, and there are no false colors. The eyepiece does need occasional cleaning. Dust on the eye lens is visible when viewing a bright moon-lit field, but for dim deep sky viewing this is not an issue. My only objection to the 35 Panoptic is its size and weight. I need to rebalance my scopes when using the eyepiece. For these reasons, I don’t use the 35 Panoptic as much as other eyepieces like the 1.25-inch 24 Panoptic. But if you like 2-inch eyepieces, and want a more affordable alternative to TeleVue’s other big eyepieces, then I recommend the 35 Panoptic.

Super Pan!

By peter lardizabal on October, 31st 2009

I've owned this piece since 2000'. From the Pronto to the NP-101 an outstanding port to the sky. I recently acquired the AP130EDFGT and have spent hours scanning star fields that I "was familiar" with. This glass deserves all the kudos you read about it.