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TeleVue Dioptrx Astigmatism Correcting Lens Assembly - 1.00 Diopter

Unlike near or farsightedness, astigmatism cannot be compensated for by simply refocusing your telescope. Dioptrx is an accurate multi-coated glass lens with pure astigmatism correction to match your eyeglass prescription. It easily attaches to over 20 models of TeleVue eyepieces. Dioptrx permits you to choose the optimum amount of astigmatism correction, and permits rotation adjustment to achieve the sharpest viewing possible.


How do I choose a Dioptrx model?


Utilize your eyeglass prescription, using the CYLINDRICAL correction number for your preferred observing eye.


How do I install Dioptrx?


Remove the rubber eyeguard from the eyepiece .  Hold the Dioptrx rubber eyeguard with one hand and unscrew the lower half of the Dioptrx until the bottom opening is large enough to slip over the eyepiece top lid


How do I adjust Dioptrx?


Using the TeleVue test chart or an actual star image.  Rotate the Dioptrx while focusing your telescope to get the sharpest image




The visual experience in astronomy is maximized by stripping away limitations:


  • the limitations of the observing location (dark skies and steady seeing)
  • the limitations of the telescope (aperture, field, resolution and contrast)
  • the limitations of the eyepiece (field, resolution and contrast)
  • the limitations of our eyesight (e.g., astigmatism)


    TeleVue has historically been dedicated to overcoming the first three of these limitations:


  • with wide angle, flat field telescopes easily portable for traveling to great observing locations
  • matching ultra-wide angle eyepieces with full field image quality to generate what we call "spacewalk" viewing
  • and a variety of long eye relief eyepieces to allow eyeglass wearers to enjoy the maximum visual experience


    To overcome the fourth limitation (astigmatism), TeleVue has developed a corrector which fits directly onto the eyepiece. Just as Dobsonian owners could not fully appreciate the performance of TeleVue eyepieces until installing the Paracorr to compensate for mirror coma, the majority of the population (which has some eyesight limitations due to astigmatism) had no way to correct for this except by wearing eyeplasses. That is, until now. Introducing the DIOPTRX™ Astigmatism Correcting Lens Accessory, which extracts the maximum visual performance from matching eyesight to eyepiece.


TeleVue DIOPTRX™ lenses attach to the top of all long eye-relief TeleVue eyepieces to compensate for eyesight astigmatism and are available in 1/4 diopter steps, from 1/4 diopter to 2 1/2 diopters.


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