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Tele Vue 60-Degree Accessory Package for TV-60

Specifically assembled to complement their TV-60 APO refractor optical tube assembly, the Tele Vue 60-Degree Accessory Package includes essential gear to help get you observing the wonders of the night sky. The package includes the Everbrite 60° diagonal, which features 99% reflective dielectric coatings, that is specifically designed for comfortable use when using the OTA as a conventional spotting scope; a 25mm Plossl eyepiece that yields a low 14x power for terrestrial, lunar, and planetary viewing; a red-dot Qwik Point Finder to make alignment easy and star-hopping navigation fast; and a carrying case for the optical tube assembly (OTA) and all the accessories listed above.

  • Plossl 25mm Eyepiece (1.25") 

    Engineered to Al Nagler's uncompromising standards but at an entry-level price, the long-focal length Tele Vue Plossl 25mm Eyepiece produces a low magnification on most OTAs for both near and deep-sky observations.

    It is made using diffraction-limiting high-index glass lenses in a 4-element/2-group configuration to keep light on-axis and reduce astigmatism and edge-aberrations across its generous 50° apparent field of view. Fully multi-coated optics, blackened lens elements, and anti-reflection threads complement the optical components to improve contrast and light transmission, while limiting its loss. Its long 17mm eye relief allows users the room to back off from the eyecup for a more comfortable viewing experience with a reduced risk of accidental contact with the eyepiece lens which can cause vibrations and interfere with views. Ideal for fast-focal ratio OTAs, the eyepiece features a standard 1.25" barrel to be compatible with the most popular size of focuser and accessories, with a convenient fold-down rubber eyecup. This model of the Plossl series is parfocal with all Tele Vue Group 'B' eyepieces, allowing you to change compatible eyepieces without having to refocus — saving time and limiting vibrations.

    Compatible Parfocal Group 'B' Eyepieces
    • 8 - 32mm Plossl eyepieces
    • All DeLite eyepieces
    • 19 & 24mm Panoptic eyepieces
    • 3.5 - 12mm Delos eyepieces
    • 16mm Nagler 5 eyepiece
    • All 1.25" Nagler 6 series eyepieces
  • 1.25" 60° Everbrite Star Diagonal

    Designed for optimum comfort when viewing terrestrial subjects or bird-watching, the Tele Vue 1.25" 60° Everbrite Star Diagonal eschews the conventional 90° viewing angle, for a more ergonomic 60° angle. A mirror corrects images vertically but not horizontally, so subjects will appear right-side-up but directions will be reversed. Made of a single piece of aluminum with an anodized finish, the barrel fits 1.25" drawtubes and accepts 1.25" eyepieces. To prevent marring or scratches, there is a brass retaining ring in the eyepiece holder with a thumbscrew to secure it in place.

  • Qwik-Point Basic Finderscope

    Compact and lightweight, the Tele Vue Qwik-Point Finderscope is a simple and easy to use finderscope that's also easy to align.

    Projects a red dot "floating" within the scene
    Can be used for daytime spotting or stargazing
  • TV-60 Carry Bag

    The Tele Vue TV-60 Carry Bag is a padded nylon bag made to carry a Tele Vue-60 telescope. It has a custom foam interior with cutouts for scope, dovetail adapter bar, 60° Everbrite diagonal and 3 eyepieces. The bag is carried by a padded hand grip or a removable adjustable shoulder strap with shoulder pad.

    Padded nylon bag made to carry a telescope with accessories.
    Custom foam cutouts fitted for telescope, dovetail adapter bar, 60° Everbrite diagonal and 3 eyepieces.
    Carrying options;
    • Removable adjustable shoulder strap with pad
    • Carry handle with padded grip
    Compatible with;
    • Tele Vue 60 Telescope

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