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Takahashi EM-200 T-3 Mount with Power Interface and Hand Controller

  • Operates at high speed by adopting a 5-phase motor along with the renewal of electrical components
  • The high-torque, low-vibration 5-phase motor in the declination body
  • Set the guide speed, medium speed setting, high-speed setting, acceleration/deceleration time, tracking speed, the illuminance of extreme lighting
  • Built-in wireless LAN
  • Consolidates connections with peripherals into a power interface
  • Please consider the EM-200 equatorial mount that operates at high speed by adopting a 5-phase motor along with the renewal of electrical components.

    Equatorial Mount Panel

    The EM-200TEMMA3 equatorial mount contains a high-torque, low-vibration 5-phase motor in the declination body. This realizes a smooth high-speed drive. The equatorial mount panel has been simplified by assigning the interface and setting switch functions that were available on the equatorial mount panel to the hand controller and power interface. The TEMMA3 equatorial mount has connectors for connecting the hand controller, power interface, and autoguider. The hand controller and power interface are connected by a flexible cable that uses a one-touch connector. The terminal of the auto guider is the same RJ-12 shaped terminal as Temma2Z.

    Hand Controller

    Since a liquid crystal display (LCD) is built into the hand controller, you can display RA and declination values ​​and check setting items.

    There are many items that can be customized by the customer compared to the conventional model, and can be set according to the usage environment.

    With the TEMMA3, you can set the guide speed, medium speed setting, high speed setting, acceleration / deceleration time, tracking speed, illuminance of extreme lighting, etc. by operating the hand controller, and you can check the current setting status on the LCD.

    The conventional model had a choice of two speeds, high speed and correction speed, but TEMMA3 added medium speed to make it three speeds. Medium speed with no acceleration can be introduced comfortably manually. Medium speed can be set from the hand controller.

    The correction speed can be set to 1 to 99% of sidereal time while checking on the LCD, which is convenient for adjusting the auto guider.

    The operation mode function that can switch the direction in which the equatorial mount reacts when the correction button is pressed is inherited in TEMMA3 so that the star in the field of view moves in the direction in which the button on the hand controller is pressed. Visually, the direction in which the button is pressed and the reaction direction can be matched to improve operability.

    On the left side of the power interface, there is a USB terminal (USB2.0 Type-B), RS232C terminal (male), and power input terminal for connecting to a personal computer. On the right side, there is a power switch for the equatorial mount, a terminal for connecting to the equatorial mount panel, and a USB terminal for outputting DC5V 0.5A. When the power is turned on, the wireless LAN and USB output terminals are enabled regardless of the status of the equatorial mount power switch.

    The power supply to drive is compatible with a range of DC 10.5V to 24V. You can choose between DC12V, which is easy to arrange, and DC24V, which can suppress the current, depending on the situation. The power input terminal is equipped with a lock to prevent it from being accidentally pulled out. You can also insert a conventional DC plug here.

    Introducing Wireless on Smartphones

    TEMMA3 has a built-in wireless LAN as standard. Using SkySafari 6 *, an astronomical app that also supports Japanese display, automatic installation can be performed by operating a smartphone. Windows PCs that can connect to Wi-Fi can be installed wirelessly by installing the virtual COM port driver and using compatible software. The EM-200TEMMA3 equatorial mount, which can be automatically installed not only from a personal computer but also from a smartphone or tablet, can be used comfortably at a viewing party.

    * Available with SkySafari 6 Plus and SkySafari 6 Pro. SkySafari is an app from the Simulation Curriculum.

    Wired connection via USB and RS232C

    TEMMA3 consolidates connections with peripherals into a power interface. Previously, the EM series equatorial mounts had power connected to the power jack on the equatorial mount panel, but the TEMMA3 supplies power to the equatorial mount via the power interface. The power interface has a built-in wireless LAN chip and can be connected to a personal computer either wirelessly or wired. In addition to RS232C, you can also connect by USB, which is often requested.

    Safety Features

    Hardware limit switch is standard equipment Approximately 10 ° after the equatorial mount has passed horizontally during sidereal time drive to prevent the lens barrel from interfering with the tripod when tracking past the meridian in the telescope waist position. By the time it tilts, the three LEDs will flash and the LCD screen will display "Horizontal Limit" and the motor will stop. Coordinates are not lost even if sidereal time drive is stopped. To return, use the hand controller or the direction operation of the automatic installation application. This function can also be set to OFF.

    Overhang Limit Function

    It is linked with a hardware limit switch so that the balance weight side of the declination axis does not rise above the lens barrel side at the telescope waist position, and has double safety functions of hard and soft. If the allowable angle is exceeded, "Overhanging" will be displayed on the LCD screen and the three LEDs will blink to stop the motor. To return, use the hand controller or the direct operation of the automatic installation application. This function can also be set to OFF.

  • Specifications

    Computerized Computerized
    Free Shipping Yes
    Head Design Equatorial
    Instrument Capacity 37.5 lb

    Note:  Counterweights are not included with this option.

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