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Software Bisque



Software Bisque company develops amazing astronomy software and other astronomy-related products.  They are dedicated to produce products that educate and enhance their customers’ endeavors in astronomy.
Software Bisque has developed a range of software products for astronomy.  TheSky series software is very popular.  There is the TheSky Student edition. It is a software program that allows you to explore and actively develop an understanding of basic astronomy.  For a more in-dept astronomy software there is TheSky Serious edition.  This software program has a tightly integrated telescope control that enables you to hook up a GOTO telescope and observe or image.  It shows the positions of the planets, comets, asteroids and satellites.  It can also predict iridium flares and has many other wonderful features.  TheSkyX Professional edition is Software Bisque’s latest release.  The Software Bisque TheSkyX Professional is a comprehensive and full-featured tool that helps you get the most out of your astronomy experiences.  Another software product that Software Bisque has developed is the Seeker.  It is a three dimensional simulation of the solar system.  While you “space flight” you can explore the sun, planets, moons, comets, asteroids, interplanetary spacecraft and earth-orbiting satellites.  

Software Bisque has also designed and manufacture telescope mounts.  The Paramount ME is a robotic telescope mount system.  It improves tracking accuracy by employing telescope-modeling information during tracking.  The algorithms used achieve to this unprecedented level of tracking – most advanced in the world.  The other mount they offer is the Paramount MX.  It is robotic telescope system mount that is suitable for both portable and permanent installations.  The Paramount MX has Paramount ME-like homing tracking, slewing and pointing performance.




Software Bisque OTA Mounting Rings Dovetail Saddle

SKU: SB-10325

Price: $472.00


Taurus Mounting Ring Dovetail Saddle

SKU: SB10328

Price: $455.00


Paramount MEII/ME/MX+/MX/MYT Permanent Pier (36 inch)

SKU: SB-10112

Price: $828.00


Paramount MEII/ME/MX+/MX/MYT Permanent Pier (30 inch)

SKU: SB-10202

Price: $771.00


Paramount MEII/ME/MX+/MX/MYT Permanent Pier (18 Inch)

SKU: SB-10169

Price: $633.00


Paramount MYT Helium Tripod (Red)

SKU: SB-10551

Price: $1,553.00


Paramount MX/MX+ Versa-Plate

SKU: SB10254

Price: $587.00


Paramount ME II Large Dovetail

SKU: SB10258

Price: $777.00


Paramount ME II 1.875-in. Bore 40-lb Counterweight

SKU: SB10293

Price: $570.00


The Sky Fusion 12V DC Power Supply Unit 21A Max

SKU: SB11209

Price: $230.00


Paramount MEII Dec Axis to Versa - Plate Spacer

SKU: SB10280

Price: $259.00


The Sky Fusion Custom Cable Kit

SKU: SB11208

Price: $230.00


Paramount MX/MX+ Pyramid Portable Pier

SKU: SB10205

Price: $2,295.00


Meade 14-inch OTA Mounting Rings

SKU: SB10333

Price: $892.00


Paramount ME/ME II/MX/MYT 1.5-in. Bore 10 lb-Counterweight

SKU: SB-10274

Price: $288.00


Paramount Taurus 400 Pier (Custom)

SKU: SB10529

Price: $1,265.00


Paramount MEII/ME/MX+/MX/MYT Permanent Pier (48 Inch)

SKU: SB-10113

Price: $943.00


Software Bisque Paramount MX Permanent Pier


Price: $680.00

Custom Order

Software Bisque Versa-Plate for Paramount ME


Price: $930.00

Custom Order

Paramount ME II Power Supply (220W)

SKU: SB10257

Price: $288.00


Paramount ME/MEII/MX Heavy Duty Wedge-to-Pier Adaptor Plate

SKU: SB10103

Price: $265.00