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Losmandy Astronomical Products designs and manufactures precision equatorial mounts and secondary systems.  They are known for their amazing mechanical designing and producing precise machined components consistently. 

Losmandy equatorial mounts are incorporated with the latest advance in proven electronics technology to assure very precise tracking accuracy.   The GM 8 German Equatorial mount is Losmandy’s smallest equatorial mount. It is very popular due to being a lightweight precision mount with compact folding tripod. The Losmandy GM 11 German Equatorial mount is an excellent value in its class.  It has a high degree of tracking precision and reliability.  HGM Titan is Losmandy’s largest equatorial mount.  It has the reputation of providing having low periodic error control, reliable and serviceable.

Losmandy also produces equatorial position systems.  Losmandy’s orginial Gemini system is a DC servo motor based GOTO computerized positioning system designed for the Losmandy HGM200, G-11 and G-8 mounts.  The new equatorial position system is the Losmandy Gemini 2 system.  It has more powerful CPU, more memory and has an interactive color touch screen. 

The secondary systems Losmandy manufactures are the D series Dovetail system and the V series Dovetail system.  Losmandy also offers a vast arrange accessories, such as mount accessories, photographic adapters, polar finders and so much more.



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