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Optec (CCD Photo Accessories)


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Optec, Inc. is located in Lowell, Michigan, just east of the Grand Rapids metropolitan area. For many years now the company has been in the forefront of research and development of astronomical, visibility, and CCD optical instruments for both amateurs and professional alike.

Optec was incorporated in 1979 and is the successor to DOAA Enterprises; a Detroit based company founded by an Oakland University college student, Gerald Persha. Under the leadership of Persha, Optec has grown from a small basement operation to a corporation employing 7 technicians, machinists, and sales staff. Optec's roots are founded strongly in astronomical research instrumentation with products such as the SSP line of solid-state photometers, photomultiplier tube and CCD photometers, the patented TCF- temperature compensated focuser and the recent addition of the Pyxis 3-inch, a high precision camera field rotator for large telesopes.

Optec has a support staff of many diverse and qualified individuals, who take great pride in their accomplishments at the company.

Optec 5-position Filter Wheel (50mm Filters) w/Mounting Tabs

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Price: $225.00

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Optec IFW Filter Wheel - Automatic 2

SKU: 17350

Price: $850.00

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