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Roger Raubach Reviews

TeleVue 35mm Panoptic

on October, 17th 2009

My Default Option Eyepiece!

I begin every observing session with this EP in my TOA 130. At 29X with a 2.4 degree FOV , it makes locating faint objects a breeze. Exceptionally sharp both on and off axis with outstanding color correction. Recommended highly.

TeleVue 17mm Nagler Type 4

on October, 17th 2009

Great EP for DSOs.

After year of using this eyepiece , I find that I most frequently use it while viewing galaxies and trying to track down small planetary nebulae. Thanks to this fine EP , I was able to complete the Messier list in short order. By coupling a wide FOV with adequate magnification , it has given me the best views I have had of the Leo Triplets and the M81 , M82 galaxy pair. The f.l. of the EP yields enough magnification in my TOA 130 and my TMB 175 to effectively enhance contrast by darkening the field while maintaining a wide enough field to view either large objocts or groups of seperated galaxies. I rated this EP as a 9 stars in comparison to my Panoptic 35 , which I rated 10 stars ; this is based on viewing comfort. I find I have to work a bit to avoid an occasional blackout with the Nagler , and not with the Panoptic.

TeleVue 27mm Panoptic

on October, 17th 2009

Posssibly Televues most underrated eyepiece.

I own , or have owned , 6 different Televue eyepieces. This is my favorite of the entire lot ; it is by far the sharpest and most contrasty of my Panoptics , and the Pan 35 is no slouch. This EP yields absolutely stunning views of M42/M43 and the Trapezium in my TMB 175 and TOA 130. The M81/M82 galaxy pair fit nicely in the FOV , and the contrast is excellent. No lateral color , kidney beaning , or blackouts. I personally regard this as Als best effort.

Less than impressive!

I received one of these eyepieces with my new LXD-75 SN-10 AT telescope as the one furnished in the system package. It is moderately astigmatic and exhibits lots of coma with this OTA. Save your money and buy something better! It might work better on a slower f-ratio scope than an f/4.