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Justin Morgan Reviews

TeleVue 3mm-6mm Nagler Zoom

on October, 17th 2009

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Planetary perfection

I bought this eyepiece on the personal recommendation of Al Nagler when he was at Anacortes in July 03, pending the forthcoming Mars opposition. Boy, am I glad I took his advice! This eyepiece allows me to dial in exactly the right magnification for my conditions for my Takahashi FS-128 (f/8.1, 1040mm). Note that the zoom features click stops at 3/4/5/6mm, but you can adjust the eyepiece anywhere between the stops too. My only complaints (minor) would be the 10mm eye relief and relatively small 50 degree FOV. Fortunately I dont wear glasses, and you dont need wide fields for planetary viewing. Besides, its more than made up for by the incredible zoom convenience and sharp, contrasty views provided. Mars never looked better through my scope. Conclusion: If you dont wear glasses, and if you spend time looking at planets through a refractor, then you absolutely need this eyepiece.

TeleVue 22mm Nagler Type 4

on October, 17th 2009

A true workhorse eyepiece

The awesome 22mm Nagler T4 is one of my most-used eyepieces. I use it with my Takahashi FS-128 refractor (f/8.1) every time its under the stars. The 1.7 degree true field (over 20 percent larger than the 22mm Panoptic!) at 47x provide awesome sweeping views for objects such as the Double Cluster and many others. As a bonus, its tack-sharp from edge to edge at f/8.1. The 19mm of eye relief provides hours of comfortable viewing. I have seen some fleeting kidneybeaning, but only when my eye is out of position, so this is a very minimal annoyance. The only thing that occasionally bothers me is the Instadjust--its fairly loose, and sometimes when I pick up the EP it feels like its falling out of my hand (due the to the Instadjust adjusting itself). But this too is a very minor complaint, and other than that I really like Instadjust. Overall, Id give the 22mm Nagler T4 a 10 out of 10.