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Donald Tucker Reviews

TeleVue Panoramic Mount (Ash)

on October, 17th 2009

Gorgeous Mount

The Panoramic mount is one beautifully crafted and stable mount. Vibrations subdue in under a second and the rigidity and craftsmanship is unsurpassed. This mount comes with the mount handle unlike the Gibraltar mount and the mount head is extremely fluid like in motion and rigidity. For the TV85 and below, this is by far the mount to go. Also, you could always purchase the Tele-Pod tripod for $155 and the Panoramic mount fits it for a travel tripod. Beautiful sturdy Ash wood. The Panoramic is a MUST!

Read this book FIRST!

All who are inquiring to purchase binoculars or a telescope MUST read this book FIRST. This book is a step by step introduction to astronomy, our night sky and types and brands of astronomical equipment. This is the best book to farmiliarize yourself with what this astronomy craze is all about!

TeleVue 20mm Plossl

on October, 17th 2009

Excellent Part-of-Package EP

I received this EP with my TV 76 APO a few months ago, and have to say that I truly love this EP. Perfect for barlowing and starfields, lunar features and planet disks are just razor sharp with this EP. This has to be the finest EP I have ever had obtained as part of a telescope package purchase. Cant wait to try the TV 55mm Plossl