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Jim Mahon Reviews

Simple and effective!

It sounds funny to say I cant find the sun, but sometimes the shadow method doesnt get you quite close enough. The Sol-Searcher makes acquiring the Sun fast and is inherently safe. The small projection screen on the rear disk is thin enough to allow the tiny solar image to be viewed from behind the finder. Useful, and possibly the cheapest Tele Vue item youll ever purchase!

Massive volume, superb protection

Ive owned a Pelican 1660 since shortly after the introduction of this model. This BIG case swallows my GM-8 equatorial head, counterweights, c/weight shaft, drive box, hand paddle, hardware, and accessory tray and still has room for my Coronado SM60 filter with adapter plate for my 4 refractor, diagonals and blocking filters, and a Televue Pronto and Kendrick white light filter. It has endured rough roads, bouncing school children, desert heat and mountain chills, and never leaked, dented or compromised my equipments safety. The roller wheels are durable and free-spinning (though a little larger diameter would be nicer for grass - a tradeoff of compactness vs rough surface capability which leaned slightly in the wrong direction IMHO). The latch system is secure, the handles can be used comfortably by my large hands even in gloves, and it is beefy enough to serve as a bench in a pinch. The pull handle is compact and sturdy. Great case, and Id rate it perfect if the cubed foam were just a little more dense. As it is, I am going to buy a replacement foam set and look forward to another half-decade or so of reliable protection for my gear.