Donovan Conrad Reviews

Meade 9mm Wireless Illuminated Reticle

BEAUTIFUL. I like this much better than the wired model. The ability to fine tune the luminosity is nice, but never snagging that cable again is a real winner.

Optec TCF-S is perfect

NO measurable backlash. No measurable position slippage. Smmooootthhh movement. Perfect position control. It doesnt get better in this class/price range at all.

Optec IFW - WOW!

The 2inch filters are great. As close to parfocal as is rational to expect. EASY to swap out to another wheel. Low profile hardly touches your back focus. HEAVY DUTY ELEGANT ENGINEERING.

Pyxis is GREAT - and now handles the AO-7

Optec has upgraded the motor on the Pyxis and it now handles the AO-7 -> ST10-XME with gusto! It is a wonderful thing to use on my f/12 scope. Fully integrates with CCDAutopilot and the TheSky 6 combo.