Bruce Karbal Reviews

TOA 130 An AWESOME night

I received my TOA 130 on time for night after Mars closest approach. Thanx to ATWB fast service ! The fit and finish were absolutely georgeous, the 4 focuser silky smooth, and the cam angle adjuster terrific. I star tested the TOA with various Clave eyepieces, and a Panoptic, and can only say WOW.ZERO spurious color on any stars anywhere during the 5 hour test. Mars was simply stunning, Mons Olympus looked like an impact crater with central markings visible, the polar ice cap, like a splash of ice cream on the limb....The TOA is definately a winner and in my 20 plus years of observing....Ive looked thru many telescopes. KUDOS to Takahashi for an exemplary 5 refractor