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TeleVue 4x 2.0" Powermate

on October, 16th 2009

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Excellent compliment to high quality telescopes

Ive been using the 2x 2 Powermate for a while now with my TEC 140 Apo and was in need of more magnification for planetary work. So, I bought the 4x 2 Powermate along with the adapter for use with t-rings. My first light for the 4x was on Jupiter and the results were absolutely stunning. The image quality was superb. I was initially going to rate this a 9 just because 10 is perfect, however, I cannot imagine anything performing better than this.

TeleVue 13mm ETHOS Eyepiece

on October, 16th 2009

Exceptionally well executed

Ive been impressed with the contrast the Ethos delivers. Ive used it the past couple of evenings showing friends the Gibbous Moon. With my TEC 140 the Moon fills about half the apparent FOV yet delivers 75x magnification. Crisp does not begin to describe the view. Several non-astronomers marveled at being able to see faint stars in the black velvety skies adjacent to the lunar limb. Naturally with such a bright target, the observers pupils are not dark adapted, however looking around the vast 100 degree field quickly becomes second nature. On dim fields with fully dark adapted vision, small eye movements require no compensating movements to maintain view of the full field. I subtract 1 point only for the price of the eyepiece.