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Robert Young Reviews

Stellarvue F001 Red Dot Finder

on October, 17th 2009

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Not bad for the money

A good reliable Red Dot Finder thats quite economical. They are light and seem a bit chintzy, but do the job. Even return to zero pretty well after being removed and replaced multiple times. The CR2032 Batteries seem to last a long time and you cant beat the price...cheap enough to buy one for each scope. Ive got two now and just ordered a third. Have had more in the past. A few minor problems: -Sometimes you find one thats a bit dim. -It can be a trial getting your eye aligned right to see the dot. -The large unshielded lens fogs or frosts quite easily...you may need to make a cardboard dewshield.

TeleVue 19mm Panoptic

on October, 17th 2009

Very Versatile

The 19mm Panoptic works very well in every scope in which Ive tried it: Refractor, Newtonian, SCT and Mak. Sharp pinpoint stars, very little distortion. One of my favorites, whichever scope is in use.