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Michael Corrieri Reviews

TeleVue 12mm Nagler Type 4

on October, 17th 2009

Open the pod bay doors, Hal!

This is the truest spacewalk EP I own. I was expecting black-out effects, however they were negligible, and once I learned the proper pupil placement - nearly non-existant. I have compared it to the 13mm T6, which was less engaging - it didnt give that same feeling of wow (even though eye placement was less critical). This is an EP others can be measured against.

Solid well designed goto mount - needs better tripod

After a small learning curve I love my Losmandy GM-8 Gemini mount. The Gemini system is very accurate, and allows using up to 250 alignment objects - increasing the precision manyfold. The mount is well designed, and extremely smooth tracking. The stability could be enhanced by a better tripod - the G-11 tripod is an excellent match for this mount. The GM-8 tripod is pretty wobbly - although you can stablize it by torquing the bolts. Overall I would say this is one of the better mounts available, bringing a great Goto system to a lightweight, sturdy, accurate, and very smooth mount.