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Gene Cross Reviews

TeleVue 6mm ETHOS Eyepiece

on August, 15th 2010


I tested this Ethos-6 and Ethos-21 on an NP-127 telescope. I own none of this equipment, but have more than 40 years of experience using telescopes and eyepieces of all kinds. I expected good results, having tested the Ethos-13 and Ethos-8 on other occasions. The Ethos-6 was "perfection"-! The only slight down side is that the entire 100 degree AFOV could not be seen by me in one look. Maybe 95 percent of the field was seen in one look. Still, the upside to this is the feeling that I had fallen through the eyepiece and telescope and was now in deep space myself-! Contrast in the Ethos-6 is quite striking. Excellent. Only my ZAO-II 6 mm and TMB SM 6 mm do better. These have AFOVs of (only!) 45 degrees and 30 degrees, respectively. If I could own only two wide field eyepieces, they would be the Ethos-6 and the Ethos-21. To sum up, the Ethos-6 is both a superb planetary eyepiece and a superb wide filed eyepiece. Never before have I encountered such image perfection in a wide field eyepiece. With the Ethos-6, you can watch a star, showing its Airy disk and perfect diffraction rings drift from the center of the field to the edge of field. What's the big deal? Just that THIS FOV is TWICE as BIG as any eyepiece of comparable image perfection-! What's not to like-?! Gene Cross