sergio figuera Reviews

TeleVue 13mm ETHOS Eyepiece

on October, 16th 2009

One of the best

What can I say that has not been said? One heck of an eyepiece. I took this baby down to the Everglades the other night and I felt like jumping into the eyepiece. The sky was so black, the stars so sharp, the FOV, endless. M42 was breathtaking, my best view ever!!! Cant wait to get another one to attempt binoviewing with them.

What a View!!!

Ive had my TOA-130F for a little bit over a month now and I have is nothing but praise for this scope. It is an optical and mechanical marvel that is a joy to use. Saturn looks oh so sweet, M42, marvelous. I can get all of M45 using a 41 Panoptic!!! The sky, even in super light polluted Miami, Fl, is blackened out and the stars are little pinpoints of light using an Ethos 13mm. I only do visual astronomy and this instrument lends itself magnificantly to this application. I went ahead with the 4 focuser model because eventually I plan to try my hand at serious astrophotography and because I like the whole beefy-ness of it. Make sure that you have a very sturdy mount and high quality eyepieces as this will allow you to get the most out of this scope.