The 2017 Great American Solar Eclipse will be one of the most awe-inspiring events our Solar System has to offer, a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE!


On Monday, August 21st ,2017, the Sun will rise over the state of Oregon and then cut across another ten states in a southeastern path all the way to South Carolina. Million sof people will be able to experience this event by simply stepping outside and looking at the sun with the correct solar gear! The 2017 Great American Solar Eclipse will be one of the most observed visual solar events in North American history!


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Meade’s new EclipseView Line of Solar Safe telescopes are the best products available to view the upcoming Solar Eclipse! What makes EclipseView so great? They are for use both Day and Night! You can now view the Sun, Moon, Planets and more with just one telescope! Both SAFE and FUN for everyone! EclipseView comes with a removable white light filter for daytime use and when the Sun sets, just simply remove the filter, change the viewfinder and BAM….enjoy the night sky! COMING APRIL 2017!

EclipseView™ 10x50 Binoculars with Solar Filters
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