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iOptron Solar 80 80mm f/5 Achro Refractor GoTo Telescope with Solar Filter

With the iOptron Solar 80 80mm f/5 Achro Refractor GoTo Telescope, you can unlock the full potential of the versatile optical tube assembly through the addition of a full-featured GoTo-capable motorized mount. You get the 80mm Solar 80 OTA, two eyepieces, an erect-image diagonal, along with the Cube-E mount and a sturdy tripod to support it all.

  • Solar 80 80mm f/5 Achro Refractor Telescope with Solar Filter (OTA Only)


    iOptron adds a removable screw-in solar filter to their fast refractor OTA to produce the Solar 80 80mm f/5 Achro Refractor Telescope, making it ideal for viewing the sun and all phases of a partial eclipse with the filter on, or viewing the night sky with it off.with a removable front solar filter to allow the scope to be used


    The filter blocks harmful UV and IR radiation while simultaneously reducing virtually all of the intense light across the entire visual spectrum from the sun, allowing for safe solar viewing of surface features such as sunspots and super granules. Optically, the OTA is engineered with a doublet achromatic lens system that is fully multi-coated to produce bright and sharp high-contrast images with accurate color rendition across a distortion-free field of view.

    The Solar 80 is offered here without a mount or tripod, but a Vixen-style dovetail plate is provided to be compatible with a wide variety of mounts and is outfitted with a standard 1/4"-20 mount for use with many photo, video, and field tripods. With the two included eyepieces offering low and moderate magnifications, plus the addition of an erect-image diagonal, this scope can be used as a traditional terrestrial spotting scope with the solar filter removed.

    Optical Tube
    • Use for white-light solar and nighttime viewing
    • 80mm aperture
    • f/5 focal ratio
    • 400mm focal length
    • Air-spaced doublet refractor design
    • Achromatic lens configuration virtually eliminates chromatic and spherical aberration to produce images with accurate color rendition without distortion across the entire field of view, especially at the edges
    • Anti-reflection fully multi-coated optics improve light transmission, image brightness, sharpness, color rendition, and contrast
    • Resolution: 1.4 arcsec
    • 1.25" rack-and-pinion focuser
    • OTA only, mount and tripod required for proper use
    • Vixen-style dovetail plate
    • 1/4"-20 standard tripod mount for use with photo/video/field tripods
    • Weight: 3 pounds
    Optical Accessories
      Solar Filter:
    • Reveals the sun in a pleasing yellow-orange color
    • Removable filter threads onto the dew shield for a secure fit without light leakage
    • Broad-band white-light filter
    • Blocks harmful ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation
    • Allows a safe amount of light to pass across the entire visible spectrum
    • Reveals surface features such as sunspots and granulation
    • Solarlite infused polymer for longevity and durability
    • 1.25" diameter barrel accepts most astronomical filters
    • 10mm focal length produces a moderate 40x power
    • 25mm focal length produces a low 16x magnification
    • 1.25" snout fits most drawtubes and accessories
    • 1.25" holder allows the use of most eyepieces and accessories
    • 45° angle puts head in a comfortable viewing position when OTA is aimed at or near the zenith
    • Integrated erecting prism corrects the view to allow the scope's use as a terrestrial spotting scope
  • Cube-E GoTo Alt-Az Mount (Astro Blue)


    iOptron's astro blue Cube-E GoTo Alt-Az Mount is a functional, flexible, motorized, and computer-controlled unit that is ideal for most star gazing duties, yet sports a compact design that measures a mere 8 x 5 x 5" and weighs just 3-pounds. The dual-axis servomotors are built into a small single unit which is compatible with all telescope OTAs with a Vixen-style dovetail plate up to 7-pounds including accessories. The unique design eliminates "dead spots" enabling you to point your telescope to any point above the horizon without the risk of blocking the telescope tube at certain points of rotation. This mount comes with a 110 VAC adapter to power it if you're near civilization, but if you're heading off the grid it can run on eight user-supplied AA batteries. A 1.25" stainless steel tripod is provided so all you need is a compatible OTA to start your observation session.


    Included with the mount is the GoTo Nova 8405 computer controller. This handheld unit features a 14000+ object database with 256 user-defined objects for your favorite celestial or terrestrial bodies. The easy-to-use menu-driven system displays on a 4-line 21-character back-lit screen. This fully GoTo-capable unit has automatic tracking for fast moving near-space objects such as the Moon and planets, and slower moving deep-sky objects like nebulae and galaxies. For set-up or manual use it has five slew speeds starting at 2x and going up to 4°/second. The GoTo Nova controller is powered by the mount to make use easier and simple while reducing the unit's weight.

    • 7-pound payload capacity
    • Motorized alt-az mount
    • Compact design
    • Dual-axis DC Servomotor
    • Optical encoders monitor motors to improve tracking accuracy
    • Acetal worm wheel, Nylon 6 worm gear
    • Four steel ball bearings for smooth, low-vibration tracking
    • Zero "dead spots" that block an OTA at certain points of rotation
    • Vixen-style dovetail saddle to mount compatible OTAs
    • Runs on included 110 VAC power adapter or eight user-supplied AA batteries
    • Operating temperature: 32 to 104°F
    • Integrated bubble level
    • Weight: 3.1-pounds
    GoTo Nova Controller
    • Easy-to-navigate menu-driven interface
    • Easy One-star or Two-star alignment
    • 14000+ object database, plus 256 user-defined objects
    • Watch List: Create virtual custom tour by choosing objects to see and system will automatically GoTo each object in the list after successful alignment
    • Accuracy 1 arc min
    • Slew speeds: 2x, 8x, 64x, 256x, MAX (4°/sec)
    • Average GoTo accuracy: 1 arc min
    • 4-line, 21-character LCD screen with backlit LED buttons
    • Red LED reading light on back to see eyepieces or filters without affecting night-adjusted vision
    • Sun, moon, planets
    • Named deep sky objects
    • Messier catalog
    • Comets and asteroids
    • Named stars, double stars, SAO star catalog
    • Major constellations
    • 256 user-defined objects, including terrestrial locations
    • Stainless steel legs
    • 1.25" (2.5cm) leg diameter
    • Accessory tray to hold eyepieces, filters, etc
    • Spiked feet for sure footing in soft ground
    • Maximum height: 37.75" (95.9cm)
    • Weight: 8.9-pounds

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