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Complete Eyepiece Set - consisting of all 6 Morpheus Eyepieces, Includes Fitted Case

Baader Planetarium Morpheus 76º Eyepiece Set
    • Baader Morpheus eyepieces all feature a sharp 76º flat field that has no rivals among modern wide field eyepieces. On-axis sharpness and contrast resembles Baader's finest planetary eyepieces, with performance over the full field being nearly equivilent. Stars retain their pinpoint sharpness as you move away from the center, with the field staying flat and in focus, even with short focus telescopes.
    • With close to 20 mm of eye relief, these Morpheus eyepieces take comfortable wide field viewing beyond where it's been before, making them optimal for binoviewing.
    • Optical design produces remarkably low distortion. Planets and lunar features retain their shapes as they transit the field and the true field sizes are close to theoretical.
  • As with their Hyperion cousins, all Morpheus eyepieces make excellent imaging projection optics with M43 thread.

This Morpheus 76º Eyepiece Kit consists of six fixed focal lengths: 4.5 mm, 6.5 mm, 9 mm, 12.5 mm, 14 mm, and 17.5 mm.


Containing a genuine 76º field of view, these Morpheus eyepieces allow total immersion in the cosmos without the need to roll your eyes. Giant 20 mm eye relief is ideal for comfortable viewing with glasses and contributes to a "spacewalk feeling" that you typically get only with much larger eyepieces and unattainable apparent fields of view. At the same time, the image does not appear distorted or like looking through a fish bowl in any way. Center contrast and brightness are analagous to what you would expect from the finest planetary eyepieces. Even with the fastest telescope optics, you'll experience razor sharp stars close to the field's outermost edge.


Baader Planetarium has put as much effort into the workmanship as into the optical design. Phantom Coating® Group, rare-earth glasses, sealed watertight housings, and blackened lens edges are a given. Practical design is the prime goal, that is minimum metal to keep weight at bay, optimized for bino-viewing, photo-video thread, and the all-new 1.25" and 2" "safety-kerfs" to guard against slipping (no undercut). At night you will love the quick draw eyepiece holster and the photo-luminescent engraving.

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