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Astro-Physics 2.7

Astro-Physics 2.7" Field Flattener w/6x7cm Pentax Prim Focus Camera Adapter -130 StarFire EDFS.

Astro-Physics 2.7" Field Flattener can be coupled to a variety of different cameras for truly superb photographs or images with your StarFire refractor. Each field flattener is designed for a particular focal length for optimal results. They are not interchangeable. For those wishing to adapt the field flattener to other cameras, keep in mind that the film plane should be 3.4" from the surface of the flange closest to the camera, +-1/10". This is true for all 2.7" and 4" field flatteners that we have produced.

Use the locking ring to secure your camera into position after you have framed your image. This allows you to rotate the camera to achieve your desired composition.

Please choose the appropriate field flattener for your Astro-Physics refractor:

67PF462 - 105 Traveler
67PF56 - 130 StarFire EDFS
67PF58 - 130 StarFire EDT, 155 StarFire EDFS, Star130ED, Star12ED, 5"f8 StarFire, 5"f8 Standard
67PF69 - 155 StarFire EDT, previous 6"f9 and Star155ED
67PF79 - 180 StarFire EDT, 7"f9 StarFire

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