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Astro-Physics 0.76x Telecompressor Corrector for 155 f7 and 140 f7.5

The success of the 160TCC Telecompressor Corrector left many of our 155 f7 StarFire EDF owners wondering if the almost magical optic could work with their scopes as well. After all, there shouldn't be much difference between a 160 at f7.5 and 1200 mm focal length and a 155 at f7 and 1085 mm focal length. The 155 owners were both right and wrong. The combination of focal reduction and substantial field flattening that the 160TCC produced required extremely tight tolerances, and the resulting spacing to the focal plane (CCD chip) had to be precise to within +/- 1 mm. The light cone from the 155's objective was just enough different to require some adjustment. In addition, if we were going to produce a Telecompressor Corrector for the 155, we wanted to be able to use the same adapters to help keep things a bit more affordable. This made Roland's job even more difficult. But of course, you all know that he was successful, and that we are now offering this 0.76x Telecompressor Corrector (155TCC) for the 155 f7 StarFire EDF to bring it to f5.3.

An added bonus of this exceptional optical accessory is that it is also perfect for the 140 f7.5 StarFire EDF, if equipped with the 4" focuser (140EDF4). The 140's focal length of 1050 mm was easily within the correcting tolerances of the 155TCC. The only difference is that the Telecompressor Corrector operates at f5.7 with the 140 instead of at f5.3.

Many of the details on this Telecompressor Corrector are the same as those for the 160TCC.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: You must have a 4" focuser on your 155 f7 or 140 f7.5 StarFire in order to use the 155TCC. Those of you with the EDFS version of the 155 with its 2.7" focuser or those with the 140EDF27, also with the 2.7" focuser cannot use this optic without first upgrading to a 4" focuser.

Field size on the 155 f7 StarFire EDF:
Fully Illuminated Circle - 2.1" (53 mm) 3.7 degrees
ST10 - (14.9 x 10mm) - .1.04 x .70 degrees
STL6303 - (27.7 x 18.5mm) - 1.93 x 1.29 degrees
STL11000 - (36 x 24mm) - 2.51 x 1.67 degrees

Field size on the 140 f7.5 StarFire EDF:
Fully Illuminated Circle - 2.1" (53 mm) 3.8 degrees
ST10 - (14.9 x 10mm) -1.07 x 0.72 degrees
STL6303 - (27.7 x 18.5mm) - 1.99 x 1.33 degrees
STL11000 - (36 x 24mm) - 2.58 x 1.72 degrees

Please note that you must purchase one of the adapters (ADATCC1, ADATCC2 or ADTCC3) in order to use your 0.76x Telecompressor Corrector.

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