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Aluma AC4040 Filter Wheel Package (FSI Class 1)




  • Aluma AC4040 scientific CMOS camera
  • FW7-STX filter wheel



The SBIG Aluma AC Series represents the state-of-the-art in Advanced Scientific CMOS cameras for astronomical imaging systems. The camera’s advanced design permits high speed download via the USB 3.0 connection to the control computer. The Aluma AC4040 uses the Gpixel GSENSE4040 CMOS sensor with 16.8 million pixels at 9 microns. The sensor measures almost 37mm square. The Aluma AC series has powerful two stage cooling and supports optional water cooling. Aluma AC cameras can be operated directly from a 12VDC 8A power supply.

Design features include:

High Quantum Efficiency

Our previous flagship CCD camera, the STX-16803, had very good peak quantum efficiency at 60%. The new Aluma AC4040 improves on this significantly.

The new Aluma AC4040 standard Front-Side Illuminated (FSI) model has a peak Quantum Efficiency (QE) of 74%, and features a much broader peak that is almost flat through the visible spectrum – from 450 nm through to over 900 nm.  This means the overall sensitivity of the Aluma AC4040 is much higher than its CCD predecessor.  The FSI camera is available with an economical Grade 2 sensor, or a premium Grade 1 sensor with fewer pixel defects.

For the most demanding applications, the Aluma AC4040BSI features a windowless Back-Side Illuminated (BSI) sensor, which has an incredible peak QE of 95%.  In addition the BSI sensor features significant UV sensitivity beyond 250 nm, and excellent near IR sensitivity.  The BSI sensor is available in a single premium grade.

The Aluma AC4040BSI is available at an introductory price of $29,999.

Aluma AC4040 Quantum Efficiency


The Aluma AC4040 scientific CMOS camera features StackPro™, a revolutionary feature that performs image stacking inside the camera.

CMOS sensors often have more limited well depth and bit depth than their CCD predecessors.  At the same time, the modern CMOS sensors have much lower read noise than the equivalent CCD.  This low read noise can be used to advantage, by stacking many shorter exposures to achieve the same final result.  This does however result in a lot of extra disk usage and post-processing.

StackPro™ performs the stacking automatically, inside the camera.  It automatically subdivides your exposure into up to 16 individual subexposures, and stacks them inside the camera prior to download.  This eliminates the excessive amounts of data cluttering up your hard drive.  Stacking can also be used as an alternative to HDR mode.

HDR Mode

The sensor in the AC4040 is capable of operating in HDR mode, where high-gain and low-gain images are read out simultaneously.  A MaxIm DL plug-in is available for HDR merge, which greatly simplifies the process of producing clean, highly linear images.

Superior Cooling

Proven pin heatsink design shared with industry leading STX series cameras gets the heat out while providing low vibration.  Includes SmartCooling™ intelligent thermoelectric cooling and fan operation.

Water Circulation Ready

For high ambient temperature environments, the liquid cooling option improves thermal performance and helps minimize dark current.

User Rechargeable Desiccant

SBIG pioneered including a high-tech user-replaceable cartridge with ceramic filter and molecular sieve desiccant. Unlike competing cameras, which require factory service when their chamber desiccant eventually saturates out, the user can easily recharge the desiccant.  This eliminates the need for costly service – not to mention the associated down-time and shipping costs.  This feature is especially important in high-humidity locations.

Electronic and Mechanical Shutters

The GSENSE CMOS sensor has an electronic rolling shutter.  In addition the Aluma AC series cameras include a mechanical shutter to enable convenient dark-frame subtraction for optimal performance and sensitivity.  This is essential for remote/robotic operation.

Optional 7 and 10 Position Filter Wheels

The Aluma AC4040 is compatible with the new 10 position SBIG AFW-10-50SQ filter wheel, utilizing 50 mm square filters.

It is also compatible with the 7 position FW7-STX filter wheel.

Self-Guiding and Adaptive Optics Options Available

The available SBIG StarChaser SC-3 is an excellent low-cost option for integrated autoguiding in front of the filters, and it supports our SBIG AO-X Adaptive Optics accessory.


The AO-X uses a tip-tilt window to quickly and precisely adjust the image position in response to autoguider feedback.  With Adaptive Optics there is no backlash, stiction, or lag, and the movements are precise and accurate.  This allows the AO-X to not only remove the effects of periodic error, drift, and wind gusts, but also reduce the effects of atmospheric seeing.  When used with an Aluma AC camera, the AO-X requires the StarChaser SC-3.

For more information please see AO-X.

USB 3.0 Interface

The Aluma AC includes a USB 3.0 interface port for high speed downloads.  For installations where longer cable lengths are required, the port is also compatible with USB 2.0.

I2C AUX Port

The STX cameras have a convenient auxiliary control port (also known as an I2C AUX port), which controls the filter wheel and provides optional external trigger interfaces.  Unlike older SBIG models, the AUX port is not used for AO-X control, as this function is now handled by the optional SBIG StarChaser SC-3 off-axis guiding camera.

MaxIm LT Software

All SBIG cameras come with our MaxIm LT software – a $200 value! MaxIm LT is a special version of our venerable MaxIm DL software for Windows that provides complete control of your camera, filter wheel, and autoguider, plus advanced image processing capabilities. If you wish you can upgrade to MaxIm DL Pro to get complete observatory integration and even more processing and analysis capabilities.

Included Accessories

All Aluma AC cameras include a deluxe carrying case, universal power supply, Aluma AC4040 power extension cable, USB 3.0 cable, and MaxIm LT software (Windows).

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