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Aluma AC4040 Filter Wheel Package (BSi CLASS 1)


  • Aluma AC4040 scientific CMOS camera (FSI Class 1, FSI Class 2, or BSI VIS-NIR Class 1 only)
  • AFW-10-50SQ filter wheel
  • StarChaser SC-3 SHORT

SBIG Aluma AC4040

The Aluma AC4040 is a large format Scientific CMOS camera, featuring a 16.8 megapixel sensor with 9 micron pixels.  The camera is compatible with the StarChaser SC-3 Guider and optional AO-X Adaptive Optics accessories.

The Aluma AC4040 is available in Front Illuminated (FSI) and ultra-sensitive Back-Illuminated (BSI) versions.  BSI versions are offered with VIS-NIR and UV-VIS optical coating options.

FSI cameras are currently available with Class 1 or Class 2 sensors.  Class 2 sensors have been individually selected to meet SBIG's requirements for long exposure operation. BSI models are offered with Class 1 sensors.


Backside Illuminated Class 1 sensor with AR coated window, VIS-NIR chamber window.

SBIG AFW Filter Wheels

SBIG AFW Filter Wheels are ultra-thin wheels that minimize back focus distance.

The standard version, which accommodates filters ranging from 1 mm to 3 mm thick, uses only 0.55" (14 mm) back focus.

The tall version, which accommodates 5 mm thick filters, uses only 0.65" (16.5 mm) back focus.

Compatible with our Full Line of SBIG Cameras

AFW series wheels are compatible with all SBIG cameras using our "STX" style adapter plates.  This includes our popular Aluma AC Advanced CMOS models as well as our legacy STX and STXL models.

AFW wheels can be used on our compact cameras, including Aluma CCD and STC-428 as well as our legacy STF and STT series, using our AFW to Small Format Camera Adapter.

Four Versions Available

  • AFW-16-36R
    • 16 Filter Slots
    • 36 mm Round Filters
    • Accommodates 1 mm, 2 mm, and 3 mm thick filters
  • AFW-12-50R
    • 12 Filter Slots
    • 50 mm Round Filters
    • Accommodates 1 mm, 2 mm, and 3 mm thick filters
  • AFW-10-50SQ
    • 10 Filter Slots
    • 50 mm Square Filters
    • Accommodates 1 mm, 2 mm, and 3 mm thick filters
  • AFW-10-50ST (tall version)
    • 10 Filter Slots
    • 50 mm Square Filters
    • Accommodates 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, and 5 mm thick filters

For SBIG Aluma AC2020 cameras we recommend either AFW-16-36R or AFW-12-50R.  For SBIG Aluma AC4040 we recommend AFW-10-50SQ.

To accommodate 5 mm thick 50 mm square filters, use the AFW-10-50ST.

A variety of compatible filters are available at additional cost .


Two AFW wheels can be stacked to add even more filter slots, using the available Dual AFW Filter Wheel Adapter.  "Virtual Slots" can be assigned, which map to different slots on the two wheels.  If you leave one slot empty in each wheel you get almost double (less two) available filter slots.  If you sometimes need to stack filters then you can have even more virtual slots.


50mm Square

SBIG StarChaser Off-Axis Guider Cameras

The SBIG StarChaser is the world's first all-in-one off-axis guider with built-in camera and integrated AO support.  Comes complete with MaxIm LT software.

New!  All StarChasers now include Enhanced sensors with improved Infrared sensitivity.

Several versions are available to fit our various SBIG camera models.  


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