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Stellarvue SVX140T New Premier Apochromatic Triplet Refractor NITECRAWLER FOCUSER

Price: $8,699.00

  • Manufacturer: Stellarvue
  • MPN: SVX140T-WR35
  • SKU: SVX140T-WR35
  • Availability: In-Stock - Ships from Warehouse

Stellarvue's Newest SVX Refractor: This year Stellarvue is developing a 140 mm f-6.7 apo triplet refractor. Using all of the techniques we have developed in making our SVX series telescopes, we have shortened the focal length and since the objective is air spaced, this telescope has outstanding sphero-chromatic correction.

Special Introductory Offer: Now taking advanced orders at an introductory price of only $5995! This intro price includes shipping*, tube rings, Stellarvue 3.5" focuser with 2" and 1.25" adapters, TP-013 Losmandy style rail and case. The glass has been ordered from Ohara and is being melted now. We plan to begin deliveries for those who order now in early 2020. If you prefer to pay only a deposit of $2000 now and the balance when it ships, call us and place the order with deposit by phone.  

Two important factors make this objective lens as good as we can make it:

1. Our design uses an Ohara FPL-53 extra low dispersion center element and a Lanthanum rear element. This lens has a glass combination that delivers highest contrast performance we could obtain. It is the same glass used on our flagship SVX152T. 

2. SVX series optics are rated at .98 - .997 Strehl with excellent optical correction for aberrations commonly seen in mass produced optics. To attain this level of optical accuracy in a relatively short f-ratio, we use special tools and experienced opticians to hand figure objectives here in our optical shop in Auburn California. SVX series telescopes are exceptional, placing 98 - 99% of the light precisely where it should be. Stellarvue Premier (X) Series refractors are for the astronomer who recognizes the best when they see it. Each SVX series refractor comes with a Zygo interferometric test report taken in our shop, documenting the accuracy of your objective. 

Select the focuser you prefer:  The SVX140T may be ordered with one of three different 3.5" focusers. Here is a synopsis of the differences: 

  1. The stock Stellarvue 3.5" focuser which has the longest travel and comes with 2" and 1.25" compression ring adapters and two finder scope shoes. This is the least expensive option and it provides a very smooth and stable mechanism. This is a perfect focuser for visual use and imaging with cameras up to full frame. Optec makes temperature compensating motors for this focuser. 
  2. The Starlight Instruments 3.5" focuser with 4.5" of travel and 2" and 1.25" compression ring adapters. This is an American made focuser that is equally smooth to the focuser above and may be slightly more stable under various conditions. If you are serious about imaging and visual use, this upgrade deserves consideration. Both Optec and Starlight Instruments make motors for these focusers.  
  3. The Moonlight Nightcrawler 3.5" focuser with various extension tubes, 2" and 1.25" adapters. This is an advanced, electronic, computerized focuser preferred by dedicated imagers. It is the most expensive upgrade but for those who want perfection when it comes to imaging, this is considered one of the best. The downside is a very short focuser draw tube length which is great for imaging stability but one must thread in various extensions when converting to visual use. Since most high end imagers never or rarely look through their instrument this is usually no big deal.   

The 3.5" aperture of all of these focusers significantly reduces vignetting seen in smaller focusers when imaging.   

We use American made CNC mounting rings, a retracting dew shield, metal dust cap and protective case. 

The Stellarvue C140L case comes standard with the SVX140T. This is our largest heavy-duty soft case. It is made of the same rugged material construction as our other thickly padded travel cases. This case has two internal dividers that are held in place by Velcro and can be easily removed. 

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