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Alluna Optics



Alluna Optics manufactures top-of-the line telescopes, high quality optics and telescope accessories.  Their list of clients proves how amazing their products are.  Some of their clients are the German Center for Aeronautics and Space Flight DLR, the Physical Institute Bern / Space research & Planetology, various universities and research institutions.

Alluna Optics develops two models of telescopes.  Their Ritchey-Chrétien telescope is lightweight and compact.  It is packed with features/qualities, such as color purity, planar field, free of coma and astigmatism with 65mm in diameter.   It has the smallest possible spot diameter up to the outer edges of the image field.  Alluna Optics’s other telescope they manufacture is the Newtonian Astrograph telescope.  It is high-end telescope with paramount optical and mechanical quality.  It can be used for astrograph or be used as a robust observatory telescope for visual use or for research.

Alluna Optics also offers a variety of telescope accessories.   They produce the Precision Instrument Rotator. This CCD-Rotator operates the rotations positioning by remote control via your computer. Alluna Optics develops Correctors for Alluna Newtonian astrographs, and for Alluna Ritchey-Chretien.  Alluna Optics makes many other accessories, such as secondary mirror heaters and motorized focusers

Alluna Optics Precision Instrument Rotator


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