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 HOTECH is an innovating company in the optoelectronic industry.  They develop and manufacture laser diode modules and systems, optical and astronomical devices and many other optoelectronic products.  

HOTECH offers two series of laser collimators.  The HOTECH SCA (Self-Centering Adapter) Laser Collimatorprovides precise and repeatable installation in telescope focusers, which provides accurate collimation.  The SCA technology eliminates drawtube slop while accepting the imperfection of a drawtube.  It also keeps laser perfectly parallel to the focuser and eliminates unstable locking from thumbscrew or unified compress ring.  The HOTECH Advanced CT Laser Collimatorhas short-range capability.  This enables it to perform collimation indoors, day or night without being subject to weather conditions.  It utilizes a clear and simple-to-read, large target display of the telescope alignment diagnostic.