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Kendrick Astro Instruments are most known among the astronomers for their high quality dew controllers and heaters.  They produce heater systems for virtually any optic or electronic devices used in amateur astronomy and outdoors photography.

Kendrick Astro Instrument offers several Dew Removals controllers.  They created the small and lightweight Micro FireLite controller that is great for trips.  For a straightforward, easy to use controller there is the Dual Channel controller.  It is a two-channel controller that handles power efficiently.  Kendrick’s mid-range controllers are the DigiFire 7 and the DigiFire 10.  The DigiFire 7 is a digital four-channel controller with six outputs.  The DigiFire 10 is a digital temperature-sensing controller with six outputs.  For the astronomer who needs the top of the line controller; there is the Premier Power Controller.  It is a precise controller with temperature sensor, and dewpoint control with a remote control. 

The dew heaters that Kendrick designed are superior with keeping optic and electronic devices functioning and moisture free in humid and/or cold weather.  The Premier series are of the highest performance.  The Premier series heaters are four-season heaters that perform in extreme conditions. They are very rugged with a large temperature range.  Firefly heaters systems are for both economical in price and power.  Performs under all but the most demanding observing conditions. Kendrick’s compact lightweight heaters are the Micro FireLite Heaters.  They are idea for smallish optics where weight and balance are of importance.  They also provide the Newtonian Heater and the Ritchy Chrietien Heater for secondary and primary mirrors. 

Kendrick Astro manufactures dewcaps.  They offer the standard dewcaps that are constructed with black ABS plastic and are all felt lined for maximum absorption of moisture and baffling of stray light.   The Zapcap dewcaps are constructed with same materials as the standard with a built in low wattage heater, Digicap dewcaps have a heater plus a Micro FireLite controller.  The Micro FireLite controller allows variable heat settings to be set.  

Kendrick offer a range of power packs, inverters & converters, battery chargers and several other products to assisted amateur and professional astronomers.

Kendrick Dual Plugs & Cigarette Lighter Plug

SKU: 2088

Price: $29.00

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Kendrick 7.00

SKU: 2011

Price: $87.00

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Kendrick 6.00

SKU: 2010

Price: $83.00

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Kendrick 2

SKU: 2066

Price: $63.00

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Kendrick Kwik Focus for 262mm to 272mm OD Tubes

SKU: 2051

Price: $79.00

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Kendrick  Premier 1.25

SKU: 2005

Price: $62.00

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Kendrick Premier Telrad Heater

SKU: 2003

Price: $39.00

Kendrick 2' RS232 Cross-Over Cable

SKU: 2002-rs232

Price: $17.00

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Kendrick Dew Cap for Meade 16

SKU: 2039

Price: $84.00

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Kendrick FireFly 1.25

SKU: 2005-FFR

Price: $42.00

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Kendrick Kwik Focus for 140mm to 150mm OD Tubes

SKU: 2047

Price: $55.00

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Kendrick Premier 12.00

SKU: 2014

Price: $121.00

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Kendrick   Primier .965

SKU: 2004

Price: $59.00

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SKU: 2061

Price: $30.00

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Kendrick FireFly 11

SKU: 2013-FFR

Price: $55.00

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Kendrick Dew Cap for Meade LXD 55 10

SKU: 2035-LXD

Price: $74.00

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Kendrick Premier Rigel Reflex Finder Heater

SKU: 2022

Price: $39.00

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Kendrick SCT Laser Adapter

SKU: 2067

Price: $42.00

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Kendrick 1.25

SKU: 2068-B

Price: $250.00

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Kendrick Ambient Temperature Sensor

SKU: 2002-sc-t

Price: $13.00

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Kendrick Kwik Focus for 158 to 168mm OD Tubes

SKU: 2046

Price: $55.00

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