Takahashi - A History of Innovation

Takahashi began manufacturing telescopes in 1967 with their first model, theTS-65.The TS80 built in April of 1972 was the first triplet apochromat Takahashi telescope built. Then in 1973they produced their first equatorial mount with a polar telescope.

In 1977 Takahashi introduced their second triplet fluorite apochromat the TS-90 and the famous JP mount in 1979. The NJP mount, as it is called today, can be converted to Takahashi’s Temma “go to” system. This is a testament to its timeless design.

Takahashi developed the camera angle adjuster which is a bearing device that allows the camera or ocular to be rotated 360° without loss of focus. This rotator device is still used today for all Takahashi focuser from the 2” to 4” focusers and all astrographs.Takahashi also uses a compression ring ocular holder to provide precise centering of the ocular and optics of the telescope.

In 1983 Takahashi introduced their Epsilon Series of Hyperbolic flat field astrographs with the 130, 160, 200, 250 and 300. Takahashi was able to perfect the process for grinding hyperbolic mirrors for its current Epsilons, like the Epsilon 180ED, and corrected RC astrographs. This was also the year they introduced the prototype FCT-150 fluorite triplet apochromat and the revolutionary EM-200 mount which used electric clutches and had a direct read out of R.A. and Dec.

In 1985, the Mewlon Series Dall-Kirkham Cassegrain telescopes was the next series in sizes of 180, Mewlon 210, Mewlon 250 and Mewlon 300mm were developed along with the CN-212, a convertible 212mm classical Cassegrain f/12 and corrected Newtonian convertible telescope. Ever the innovator Takahashi produced the carbon fiber Epsilon-250 in 1992 closely followed by the carbon fiber Epsilon-210 hyperbolic astrographs.

The current line of Ortho Apochromatic refractors use a design that is absolutely color free, and include the TOA 130mm and TOA 150mm. Coming also is a line of Ortho Astrographs.

Takahashi manufacturing facilities are located in Urii, Japan with their headquarters located in the Itabahsi prefecture of Tokyo. The facilities include the main assembly and design facility where Takahashi instruments and optics are designed, tested and assembled. The facility where the observatory mounts EM-3500 and EM-2500 are assembled along with the machining shop next door to their warehouse facility. Next to that is the mirror grinding, polishing and testing building.

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